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What is Laravel Orchid?

Laravel Orchid is a powerful open-source package that simplifies the development and creation of administration-style applications. With its elegant and intuitive interface, developers can quickly implement beautiful and functional interfaces with minimal effort. Some of the key features of Laravel Orchid include: A form builder that eliminates the need to manually describe HTML fields of the same type. Screens that provide a comfortable balance between CRUD generation and tedious coding. Over 40 different field types to choose from. Permissions management that makes it easy to manage user access in development and support. Additional features such as menus, charts, notifications, and more. As a Laravel package, Orchid seamlessly integrates with other components and can serve as the foundation for applications such as content management systems. So Laravel Orchid is you can simply call as an ' admin dashboard '.

Create AdminLTE Dashboard with NextJS

Sure, you can create an AdminLTE dashboard in a Next.js project using TypeScript. Here's a step-by-step guide:  Create a Next.js Project with TypeScript:  If you haven't already, create a new Next.js project with TypeScript by running the following commands: npx create-next-app my-adminlte-dashboard --use-npm --typescript cd my-adminlte-dashboard Install Dependencies: