Friday, April 19, 2024

Apple Officially Remove WhatsApp and Threads in China

Apple has removed two Meta apps from the App Store in China at the request of the Chinese government. WhatsApp and Threads are now no longer available on the App Store, meaning people can no longer download these messaging and social apps.

Apple's action was first reported by The Wall Street Journal on Thursday night US time. According to the report, Chinese internet regulators requested Apple to remove the Threads and WhatsApp apps from the App Store in China due to national security concerns.

LEAKED! Apple New HomePod with a touchscreen on top

 Apple is working on a new HomePod with a touchscreen on top. Now there are new images showing other parts of this HomePod prototype. These images strengthen the rumors about the HomePod with a screen.

In the post, Kosutami showed parts of the unreleased HomePod. This part has a large curved glass that covers almost the entire top of the speaker. This aligns with previous leaked prototypes, which had a curved LCD screen. The current HomePod only has a flat touch surface with a few LED lights to display colors.

Adobe Reelased The Adobe Express with Firefly AI on iOS and Android

Adobe has launched its latest application, Adobe Express, equipped with Firefly AI for iOS and Android devices. This application has been available in beta version for a number of users, and can now be downloaded by anyone. Let's take a closer look at all the new features brought by this Adobe Express update.

One of the biggest features of Adobe Express is its integration with Firefly AI, which is Adobe's artificial intelligence. Firefly enables users to easily accomplish various tasks when creating content for social media, whether it's images or videos. Users can use text commands to generate various things according to their desires.

Meta AI is Released

Meta has unveiled the "smartest" AI assistant in the world, namely Meta AI. They have just launched Llama 3, the latest version of their large language model, which will assist you with everything from finding recipes to reading news, right from the Meta social media platform.

Llama 3 promises to be the best in coding and various other metrics in the world of artificial intelligence. Now, you can easily get information from Google and Bing directly from your private chat or feed on Meta.

Thursday, April 18, 2024

How to Use Copilot to Get Answers from Specific Websites

 In this article, we will discuss how to use Copilot to get answers from specific websites. Copilot is a feature available in Microsoft Edge that allows you to summarize answers or long articles, as well as extract important information from reports or online articles.

To use Copilot to get answers from specific websites, you can follow the steps below:

What are the popular Torrent Search Engine sites?

In this article, we will discuss some popular Torrent Search Engine sites. These sites provide various movies and other files that you can download. The Windows Club does not endorse Torrenting or piracy activities. Therefore, we suggest you to check the applicable laws in your country before proceeding.

You can finally play chess on Apple Vision Pro

You can now enjoy an exciting chess-playing experience on Apple Vision Pro, especially with the newly introduced Spatial Persona feature. The latest update in Apple Arcade games brings one of the most beloved classic games: chess.

With this feature, you can sit face-to-face with up to three other players and experience the sensation of playing chess as if you were all in the same room.

How to Disable Automatic Wi-Fi Join on Your iPhone: A Guide to Secure Connections

Have you ever experienced your iPhone automatically connecting to Wi-Fi networks without your permission? Or perhaps you want to check the list of networks that your iPhone has automatically connected to? Well, follow the steps below to disable the iPhone's automatic Wi-Fi join feature for public and carrier networks.

By default, your iPhone will prompt for your permission when it detects an unfamiliar Wi-Fi network. However, there are some situations where the iPhone may automatically connect to Wi-Fi networks without asking for your permission.

Microsoft Relased More Detailed Info for Office 2024

Microsoft recently released more detailed information about the Office 2024 package after announcing that a new one-time purchase version would be available this year, replacing Office 2021. Currently, Microsoft has released a preview of Microsoft Office LTSC 2024, which is currently only available to corporate customers.

Office LTSC is intended for use cases that require long-term stability without the need for feature updates for years. This includes regulated devices, manufacturing process control equipment, or medical testing equipment running embedded applications.

Fedora 40 Will Be Released Next Week?

After experiencing a delay from the initial target earlier this week, Fedora 40 is now set to be released next week. In today's Go/No-Go meeting, it was decided that Fedora Linux 40 Final RC1.14 has met all release criteria with no remaining blocking bugs, thus it was agreed upon to release it next week.

Fedora 40 is scheduled to be officially released next Tuesday, April 23. In this release, users can expect to encounter various exciting updates, including the GNOME 46 desktop components, the new KDE Plasma 6.0 desktop, Linux kernel 6.8, as well as a large number of software package updates such as LLVM 18.

LAVD is New Rust Feature for Gaming

Changwoo Min and his team at Igalia presented kernel scheduler optimizations for Linux gaming at the recent Open-Source Summit North America. Their presentation highlighted efforts to reduce the stuttering often experienced while gaming on Linux platforms, with the primary motivation inspired by Valve's Steam Deck launch. However, this work is also aimed at improving the overall gaming experience on Linux.

In their presentation, Igalia focused on the impact of the Linux scheduler on stuttering during gaming, as well as how the "sched_ext" scheduler framework can be extended using Berkeley Packet Filter (BPF). This effort garnered attention for various reasons, ranging from exploration possibilities by Canonical/Ubuntu, prototyping of faster new scheduler designs, to the positive results shown for Linux gaming with the new scheduler implementation.

Apple AirPlay Finally Arrives on Hotel TVs


Now, you can use AirPlay to stream movies, TV shows, music, Fitness+ workouts, Arcade games, photo slideshows, and more from your iPhone to hotel TVs. The AirPlay feature is currently limited to around 60 IHG hotels with LG TVs, although it will be expanded to other locations "in the coming months."

It's been a year in the making. Apple initially announced its plans to bring AirPlay to hotels at the Worldwide Developers Conference in 2023. I'm not sure why it took Apple so long to get this done right, but Google's version of AirPlay, called Chromecast, is currently featured in hundreds of hotels—Apple is a bit late to the game on this one.

How to Try Android 15 Beta (And Remove the Installation Afterwards)

 If you're feeling adventurous and want to get a taste of what's to come with Android 15, you can easily install the beta version with just a few clicks.

The first beta release of Android 15 rolled out in April 2024, and Google plans to release new beta updates every month until the stable version is officially launched later this year. The roadmap specifically mentions releases up to July, but why wait when you can experience it now?

The Budget Smartphone Galaxy A35 Arrives in the US, Receives 5-Year Security Updates


Samsung has recently unveiled its latest budget-friendly smartphone, the Galaxy A35, in the United States. This phone is now available for purchase through Samsung's online store as an unlocked device. Priced at $400, customers can also avail discounts of up to $150 by trading in eligible devices. Additionally, there's an optional 30% discount offer for Galaxy Buds FE when purchasing the Galaxy A35, bringing down the price of these wireless earbuds from $100 to $70.

Sunday, April 14, 2024

CONFIRMED! Release Date for Mac with Apple Silicon M4 Series?

 Apple continues to push forward with its plans for the next generation of Apple Silicon, and the latest reports suggest that we may soon see the arrival of the M4 Mac. Here's what we know so far about this transition and what to expect from the upcoming M4 Mac series.