Sunday, February 27, 2022

Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS Version is Released. Download and Try Now

Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS is a newly-spun installer image that contains all core security patches, bug fixes, and app updates released to Ubuntu 20.04 since the release of Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS back in August of last year.

Linux 5.13 is the big lure of this point release, carried over from October’s Ubuntu 21.10 release. Linux 5.13 introduces a bunch of tweaks including better EXT4 support, a new cooling driver for modern Intel CPUs, and better support for peripherals including the Apple Magic Mouse 2 and the GK6X mechanical keyboard.

Other updates bundled with the new ISO include GNOME Shell 3.36.8, LibreOffice, and Mozilla Firefox 97.

Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS is available to download from the Ubuntu website, right now — though as it’s a 3.1GB download make sure you’re not on a capped connection when you do it.

Will Be Separated: Adsense for Youtube & Homepage Payment Page


Starting in March 2022 and rolling out over the next few months, YouTube earnings will have a separate homepage and payments account in AdSense. Learn more about this change below.

What's new

The AdSense experience for YouTube creators is improving. Starting in March 2022 and rolling out over the next few months, YouTube will have a dedicated AdSense for YouTube homepage in AdSense. It allows creators even quicker access to their finalized YouTube earnings in AdSense.

In addition, payments for YouTube earnings will be separated into its own payments account. This means the YouTube and AdSense payments accounts will have separate payment threshold amounts. That’s important to understand if you use AdSense to get paid for more than just YouTube, as it could affect payment timing.

Any unpaid YouTube earnings will be moved into that new payments account. The details of your previously paid YouTube earnings and any other AdSense earnings will remain associated with your AdSense payments account.

How to see it

Currently the new homepage is only accessible to a small number of creators while it’s being rolled out in 2022. Until roll out completes, finalized YouTube earnings are still visible to YouTube creators in their AdSense payments account.

Once rolled out fully, you’ll land on the new AdSense for YouTube homepage by navigating to AdSense from within YouTube Studio. You can also see it at the top of the left-hand menu in AdSense.