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Intel Releases OSPRay Studio 1.0 as an Impressive Interactive Visualization & Ray-Tracing Application

 In 2020, Intel announced OSPRay Studio as a new oneAPI application for ray tracing and photorealistic rendering built on the OSPRay ray-tracing engine. Since then, they've been introducing new OSPRay Studio features, adding GPU rendering support, and more. On Friday night, the release of OSPRay Studio 1.0 was finally baptized.

OSPRay Studio 1.0 is now available for open-source interactive visualization and ray-tracing applications that leverage the power of the OSPRay engine. OSPRay Studio 1.0 is built from the OSPRay 3.1 release, incorporating the new v3.1 engine features. The 1.0 release also adds more OSPRay material types to the UI, supports OpenEXR 2.x and 3.x APIs, enables distributed MPI rendering in batch mode, and comes with numerous fixes. While it's an incremental release, hitting version 1.0 is a significant milestone, indicating that Intel engineers are confident with OSPRay Studio.

How Does OpenAI Sora Work?

 We'll delve a bit into Sora as much as we can, but it's impossible to discuss it in detail. Firstly, because OpenAI ironically isn't transparent about the workings of its technology. The ownership and secret sauce differentiating Sora from its competitors aren't detailed for us. Secondly, I'm not a computer scientist, and you might not be one either, so we can only grasp the general workings of this technology.

The good news is there's an excellent (paid) breakdown of Sora by Mike Young on Medium, based on a technical report from OpenAI that he simplifies for us regular humans. While both documents are worth a read, we can extract the most crucial facts here.

OpenAI's Sora: Revolutionizing AI-Generated Video Content

OpenAI's Sora has created highly realistic video clips from text commands, showcasing significant advancements in AI technology. Sora's notable feature lies in its accurate simulation of physics in videos, although it still faces some challenges with interactions and object creation. The availability of Sora to the public remains uncertain as it undergoes security and quality testing before a definitive release date is set. The pace of AI development is reaching levels beyond human comprehension, and Sora's text-to-video system is the latest AI technology astonishing the world, realizing that everything is happening faster than anyone's estimates.

What is OpenAI Sora?

Similar to other generative AI tools like DALL-E and MidJourney, Sora takes text commands from you and transforms them into visual media. However, unlike the mentioned AI image generators, Sora creates complete video clips with movements, different camera angles, directions, and everything you'd expect from traditional video production.

Windows 11 PCs Will Be Force-Updated to 23H2 Soon

 Microsoft is finally taking action to ensure that all eligible Windows 11 devices are up to date with the latest version. The company has announced that it will begin automatically updating devices to Windows 11 23H2, the most recent major update.

The update was released back in September 2023, but many users have yet to install it. This is likely due to a number of factors, including the fact that Microsoft does not do a very good job of notifying users about new updates.

Ray Tracing Showdown: AMD vs Nvidia

 Nvidia has been heavily invested in ray tracing technology since 2018, with the introduction of their RTX series featuring dedicated RT Cores. AMD countered this challenge in 2020 with their RX 6000 series, incorporating Ray Accelerators within their architecture to enhance ray tracing performance.

What Can Google Gemini Do as a Replacement for Google Assistant?

 Upon installing the Gemini Android app, you'll be prompted to replace Google Assistant with Gemini. This serves as a complete replacement. In other words, when you participate in the app installation and then say "Hey Google" to your phone, hold the power button, swipe in from the bottom corner of the screen, or perform the trigger that would typically launch Assistant, you'll be greeted with Gemini instead. Once you've installed the Gemini app, it functions as your personal AI assistant. You can engage in conversations with it to receive assistance with various everyday tasks:

Google Gemini: Unveiling the Next Level AI Model


Google Gemini, an advanced AI model, emerges with three distinct versions: Ultra, Pro, and Nano, each optimized for diverse tasks and formats. Stepping into the shoes of Google Assistant, Gemini brings forth app launches, message delivery, web searches, games, jokes, and more. It requires an internet connection and lacks integration for media, reminders, routines, and real-time translation. Google, although late to the AI game, released Bard in early 2023, following ChatGPT and the subsequent Microsoft Copilot. Initially lackluster, Bard swiftly evolved into "Gemini"—and Google Assistant is now embodying it.

Apple's Latest iOS 17.4 Software: What's Coming and When to Expect It

 The upcoming release of Apple's latest software for iPhones is nearing the end of its testing phase, bringing along a slew of changes. How much longer until it's available for everyone? Here's the answer to the burning question: "When will iOS 17.4 be released?"

Throughout the iOS 17.4 beta period, Apple has been expanding features and introducing new changes. Initially, the beta version came with preparations for third-party app store support in the EU, new emojis, enhancements for Device Stolen Protection, transcripts in Apple Podcasts, and much more.

Instagram and Meta Accused of Neglecting Reports of Parental Exploitation: A Tech Blogger's Take

 In a shocking revelation today, two separate reports have accused Instagram and its parent company, Meta, of overlooking reports of parents exploiting their own children for financial gain through subscription-based services.

Withings Finally Have Cycle Monitoring Feature

 Withings, while initially lagging behind in providing users with the capability to track their menstrual cycles, has made significant strides with the release of ScanWatch Light – its hybrid smartwatch. Users can now not only monitor their cycles directly with ScanWatch Light but also within the Withings app itself. Continue reading for more details.

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Google Release Dart Language 3.3 with WebAssembly Support & Introduce Support for RHEL 8/9

 Google has released Dart 3.3, positioned as the foundation for web applications compiled to WebAssembly, featuring a new model for JavaScript interop and introducing a feature called extension types.

The popularity of Dart is closely tied to Flutter, a cross-platform framework for mobile, web, and desktop that utilizes Dart. Dart can compile to native executables for Arm32, Arm64, or x86_64, as well as to JavaScript.

VMWare Strike Back, Releasing Converter Tool from KVM to vCenter for Free

 In recent developments, VMware has subtly struck back at its rivals by releasing an updated version of its virtual machine conversion tool, vCenter Converter. This tool, often overlooked, plays a crucial role in moving virtual machines between different formats. The latest version, 6.6, quietly introduced in a community post, addresses functional gaps by enabling the conversion of KVM-based workloads. KVM, an open-source virtualization module, serves as the hypervisor for various platforms, including Nutanix's AHV hypervisor and Red Hat's virtualization products. By adding KVM support, VMware has indirectly taken a swipe at potential replacement contenders, including those considering moves due to dissatisfaction with Broadcom's licensing changes.

Saturday, February 10, 2024

How to Make Faceless Youtube Channel with Highest Paying Niche

In the world of YouTube, there are countless niches to explore, but one unique and profitable niche is creating faceless tutorial videos. These videos, specifically faceless tutorials, have earned one creator over $115,000 per month by uploading only two videos a month. This niche has been overlooked by other content creators, making it a hidden opportunity.

To create these videos, a software called VED is used, which offers all necessary features for creating high-quality videos. The first step in creating a faceless tutorial video is to create an engaging intro. This is crucial as it captures viewers' attention and encourages them to watch the entire video.

Wednesday, February 7, 2024

SEVEN Ideas for Faceless Youtube Channel Niche 2024

In a comprehensive analysis of faceless YouTube channels, we've uncovered the seven niches that promise lucrative returns in 2024. Before delving into the specifics, let's explore a crucial revelation about views and earnings on these channels.

Contrary to the belief that more views translate to proportionally higher earnings, our investigation reveals a stark reality. A gaming channel with 500,000 views earned $920, while a personal development channel with 45,000 views brought in $641. The game-changing factor? The niche. The gaming channel had a CPM of $3.99, while the personal development channel boasted a CPM of $515, illustrating the immense impact of niche selection on earnings.

AI Weekly Roundup: Exciting Developments and Breakthroughs Across the Industry!

Welcome to another thrilling week in the realm of Artificial Intelligence! From open-source chat assistants to groundbreaking advancements in neurotechnology, let's dive into the latest updates that are reshaping the landscape of AI.

Hugging Face's Hugging Chat Assistant: Your Personal AI Companion

Philip Schmid from Hugging Face introduces the Hugging Chat Assistant, allowing users to build their own personal assistant in just two clicks. Similar to OpenAI's GPTs, this open-source alternative offers customization without the need for a pricey subscription. With various models like Mistol, Metal Llama, and Hermes, users can create a tailored assistant. It's worth noting that shared content is publicly accessible, emphasizing the need for cautious use.

Tuesday, February 6, 2024

CHANGED! Instagram 2024 New Algorithm Update

The dynamics of Instagram have undergone a complete transformation in February 2024. If you're still employing the same strategies from January, you might be witnessing a dip in your views. The algorithm's preferences for effects, sounds, and content length have shifted. In this blog post, we'll explore crucial adjustments and reveal two game-changing tips to potentially skyrocket your reach.

THREE MicroSaaS Ideas February 2024

Here are three innovative micro-SaaS ideas shared by a prominent entrepreneur, aimed at inspiring individuals to explore the lucrative niche of micro-SaaS. Micro-SaaS, known for its recurring revenue model and manageable setup costs, presents a promising avenue for solo entrepreneurs seeking to launch their software ventures without external funding.

The first concept, termed "Gated Review Tool," addresses the challenge faced by local businesses, particularly restaurants, in soliciting structured customer feedback. Recognizing the significance of online reviews in driving foot traffic, the proposed tool integrates a survey mechanism with incentives such as discounts to encourage patrons to provide feedback. By gauging customer sentiment and directing satisfied customers to leave positive reviews, the tool aims to boost businesses' online visibility and gather valuable feedback for improvement.

Launch Your Own Profitable SEO Agency in 2024: A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

In the fast-paced world of online entrepreneurship, starting an agency emerges as a lucrative shortcut to financial success. Contrary to common belief, you don't need a flood of website traffic to make it work. This approach grants you control over revenue streams, allowing you to command premium rates even as a beginner. The beauty lies in its scalability – as your client base grows, so can your team. This guide unfolds the secrets of initiating a $10K-a-month SEO agency, even if you're new to the SEO landscape.

Monday, February 5, 2024

How to Check the Battery Level on PS5 Controller

The battery life of a PS5 controller can range from 12 to 15 hours, depending on usage. It's easy to get caught up in the excitement of gaming and forget all about the demands on your controller. However, no gamer wants their controller to stop working due to a dead battery.

Fortunately, there are two easy ways to check your PS5 controller's battery. In this article, we will guide you through the process of checking the battery level on your PS5 controller. We'll also address some common questions about the battery life of PS5 controllers.

How to Check the Battery on PS5 Controller

Not only can a weak or dead battery stop your PS5 controller from working, but it can also lead to other issues. Worst-case scenario, it could force you to abandon your game just when it's getting interesting. Whether you're using the wireless DualSense controller or another brand, knowing how to check the battery level is crucial to prevent this from happening.

Keep in mind that you can't use the DualSense controller until it's fully charged. Once fully charged, you can use it to play games for an average of 12 to 15 hours. The actual battery life depends on the type of game you're playing. For example, if you're playing a game that requires a lot of button presses, your controller's battery may drain in five or six hours.

The easiest and quickest way to check the battery level on your PS5 controller is with the controller and PlayStation console. Here's what you need to do:

Grab your PS5 controller and press the "PS" button.

Navigate to the "Control Center" tab on your TV screen.

Use the right button on your controller to open the "Accessories" folder.

The battery percentage will be displayed there.

That's it. The battery life will be displayed in bars, so you'll know you need to charge your controller if there's only one bar left. However, your PS5 will also notify you on-screen when it's time to charge your controller. If you choose to charge at that moment, you'll see the battery bar on the screen animated.

Checking PS5 Controller Battery on PC

There's another way to check if you need to charge your PS5 controller, and that's with your PC. Specifically, we'll be using the DS4Windows application, as the PS5 DualSense controller is compatible with the latest updates of the application.

You can use the PS5 DualSense controller with your PC if you're playing games on Steam. This is where the DS4Windows application comes in. It helps your controller work more effectively while enhancing your driver's performance when playing video games on your PC. Some players prefer connecting their PS5 controllers to their PCs, as it can extend the battery life even longer.

Checking your PS5 controller battery with the DS4Windows application is straightforward. Here's what you need to do:

  • Connect your PS5 controller to your PC with a USB cable.
  • Note: To do this, you'll need a USB Type-C to USB-A cable.
  • Launch the DS4Windows application on your PC.
  • Open the "Controllers" screen. The battery level will be displayed under "Battery."
  • Once you connect these two devices, your PC will automatically detect the controller's battery. You can also connect your PS5 controller to your PC via Bluetooth if your PC supports it.

If you're using Steam, here's how you can check your PS5 controller battery:

  • Launch Steam on your PC.
  • Open "Big Picture Mode." Find the battery icon in the top-right corner of your screen.

If the battery icon isn't there, you need to do the following:

  • Click the gear icon in the top-right corner of your screen.
  • In "Controller," open "Controller Settings." Under "Detected Controllers," find your PS5 DualSense controller. Click the "Identify" button below it in the bottom-right corner of the application.

Additional FAQs

How to Extend the Battery Life of Your PS5 Controller?

There are ways to extend the battery life of your PS5 controller. To do this, we'll use the PS5 controller and PlayStation console. Here's what you need to do:

  • Turn on your PlayStation console.
  • Use your controller to open the gear icon in the top-right corner.
  • In the "Settings" menu, scroll down until you find "Accessories."
  • Use the down button on your controller to open "Controllers" on the left sidebar.
  • Select "Vibration Intensity" and choose "Off" in the pop-up menu.
  • Move on to "Trigger Effect Intensity" and turn it off.
  • For "Controller Brightness Indicator," choose the "Dim" option.

Following these steps will extend your controller's battery life by up to two hours. This method is particularly useful when your battery is low, and you don't want to stop playing a specific game.

Ensure Your PS5 Controller is Fully Charged

There are several ways to check the battery life of your PS5 controller. Whether you opt for the quick method with the controller or use your PC, knowing how much battery life remains can save you from frustrating situations. Once you've fully charged your PS5 controller, you can go back to playing video games worry-free.

Sunday, February 4, 2024 Review: Disney's 3D Image Transformation Website

Want to surprise friends, family, and clients with photo transformations? Let's start this tutorial now. Do you want to turn pictures of friends and family into Pixar-style 3D images or Disney animations? Do you want to transform customer photos into anime and cartoon styles? The image-to-image feature from Lens Go AI allows us to transform images with different styles with just one click after uploading them. This AI has various styles such as cartoon, anime, manga, fantasy, 3D paintings, and more as presets that can be applied to our images with just one click. So, if you want to turn your images into unique artworks easily and without special knowledge, don't miss this tutorial.

How to Fix Failed DHCP IP Address

DHCP stands for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. It provides IP addresses and other related configuration information such as subnet masks and default gateways to client machines. DHCP is crucial, especially in large networks, as it automatically assigns unique dynamic IP addresses to each client. With DHCP, the entire process is automated, whereas without DHCP, IP addresses have to be configured manually. If DHCP fails or encounters related errors, you won't be able to access the internet. In this article, we will look at what you can do if your router or client machine fails to obtain an IP address from the DHCP Server.

Saturday, February 3, 2024

How to Fix Screen Sharing on Discord

Discord has many cool features that make it unique and practical. One of its best features is screen sharing, allowing your friends and teammates to see your screen in real-time.

A common issue with Discord screen sharing is that sometimes the audio doesn't work. In this article, we will show you how to fix this issue. We will also include easy solutions for other screen sharing problems.

SIX Iranian Imposed US Sanctions for Cyber Attack on Water Facility and noJustice Malware


The U.S. Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) has imposed sanctions on six officials linked to the Iranian intelligence agency, targeting them for their involvement in cyber attacks on critical infrastructure in the U.S. and other nations. The sanctioned individuals, associated with the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Cyber-Electronic Command (IRGC-CEC), include Hamid Reza Lashgarian, Mahdi Lashgarian, Hamid Homayunfal, Milad Mansuri, Mohammad Bagher Shirinkar, and Reza Mohammad Amin Saberian.

Reza Lashgarian, identified as the head of IRGC-CEC and a commander in the IRGC-Qods Force, faces allegations of participation in various IRGC cyber and intelligence operations. The Treasury Department asserts that these individuals conducted cyber operations involving the hacking and display of images on programmable logic controllers manufactured by Unitronics, an Israeli company.

Mastodon Hacked! The Decentralized Social Network is Hit with High Severity Security Flaw

 Mastodon, the decentralized social network, disclosed a severe security flaw with a high severity rating of 9.4 out of 10. Discovered by security researcher arcanicanis, the vulnerability (CVE-2024-23832) allows attackers to impersonate and take control of any Mastodon account. This flaw impacts all versions preceding 3.5.17, as well as specific releases in the 4.0.x, 4.1.x, and 4.2.x series.

GeForce RTX 4080 Super Leak: 8 and 16 Pin Variant is Unveiled

 The GeForce RTX 4080 Super, recognized as one of the top-performing graphics cards, has debuted with a 16-pin power connector (12VHPWR), aligning with the anticipated specifications. However, an image from a Japanese reviewer has unveiled an interesting alternative. The teardown of the Palit GeForce RTX 4080 Super GamingPro OC has exposed PCB spacing designated for two 8-pin PCIe power connectors. This suggests that, at some point, the manufacturer contemplated employing standard 8-pin PCIe power connectors rather than the 16-pin variant.

Upon close inspection, the empty area for the additional connectors is positioned alongside the 12VHPWR power connector, hinting at a possible deviation from the initial design choice. While PCI-SIG has enhanced the safety features of the 12VHPWR power connector, concerns linger, particularly in the aftermath of the complications faced by the original connector in the meltdown incident involving the flagship GeForce RTX 4090.

AnyDesk is Hacked! Change your Password Now

AnyDesk, the well-known provider of remote desktop software, has disclosed a recent cyber attack that resulted in a compromise of its production systems. The German company, following a thorough security audit, uncovered the incident and has taken immediate actions to address the situation.

AnyDesk has clarified that the attack did not involve ransomware. The company assured the public that it has notified relevant authorities and has implemented comprehensive measures in response to the breach. These measures include the revocation of all security-related certificates and the remediation or replacement of affected systems.

Friday, February 2, 2024

AdonisJS version 6 is Released, This is the Change

In a significant stride towards modernization, AdonisJS has proudly released version 6, introducing a multitude of enhancements and refinements. The impetus behind this update was a strategic move to ESM (ECMAScript Modules) and a profound revamping of the IoC container, aiming for simplicity and reduced responsibilities.

This extensive overhaul transcended every facet of the framework, addressing longstanding issues, refining user experience, and reconstructing packages from the ground up.

How to Install BullMQ, NodeJS Library to Optimize Task Execution

 BullMQ, a Node.js library, emerges as a powerful tool for optimizing task execution within your main application. Designed to streamline time-consuming processes such as image or video processing, API calls, backups, and notification or email dispatch, BullMQ enhances application performance by delegating tasks to the background.

Leveraging Redis for job storage, BullMQ ensures job persistence even if the application encounters interruptions, making it indispensable for production deployments. Noteworthy features of BullMQ include concurrent job execution, automatic retry of failed jobs, horizontal scaling, and job prioritization. Its reputation for reliability and efficiency has earned the trust of renowned companies like Microsoft, Vendure, and Datawrapper.

This article serves as a comprehensive guide, walking you through the setup, features, and best practices for harnessing BullMQ's potential in implementing effective task scheduling within your Node.js application.

Let's dive into the details!

Cloudflare Faces Nation-State Attack: Breach Timeline and Security Measures

In a recent revelation, Cloudflare, a prominent web infrastructure company, disclosed that it fell victim to a likely nation-state attack between November 14 and 24, 2023. Detected on November 23, the intrusion exploited stolen credentials to gain unauthorized access to Cloudflare's Atlassian server. The attacker, described as sophisticated, operated with the goal of obtaining persistent and widespread access to Cloudflare's global network, acting in a thoughtful and methodical manner.

FritzFrog Botnet Now Exploits Log4Shell Internally

A variant of the long-standing FritzFrog botnet has evolved to exploit the Log4Shell vulnerability, extending its reach beyond internet-facing applications to target all hosts within a victim's internal network. 

Akamai researchers revealed this shift in a report on Thursday, outlining how the botnet, active since 2020, now employs more sophisticated methods beyond brute-force attacks on SSH protocols. Newer FritzFrog variants analyze system files on compromised hosts to identify potential targets within internal networks, marking a strategic shift. 

VajraSpy Attacking WhatsApp and other Messaging App

 In a recent revelation, cybersecurity researchers at ESET identified a notorious Android Remote Access Trojan (RAT) known as VajraSpy lurking within 12 malicious applications. Shockingly, six of these apps were found on Google Play between April 1, 2021, and September 10, 2023.

Disguised as innocent messaging or news apps, the malicious software was surreptitiously stealing personal data, including contacts and messages. Depending on the granted permissions, it could even record phone calls. Although these apps have been removed from Google Play, they still pose a threat as they linger on third-party app stores. is Abused, Video Clips Flood npm Registry, Sparking Cleanup Efforts

 In an unexpected turn of events,, a platform primarily designed for hosting software artifacts, has been inundated with a peculiar type of content—movies, videos, and eBooks. This phenomenon, observed by the Sonatype Security Research team, has resulted in the discovery and removal of 748 packages from the npm registry.

Contrary to malicious intent, these packages stand out for housing multimedia content, specifically partial video clips, each approximately 54.5 MB in size. Uncovered under the tracking label sonatype-2024-0284, these packages have been present on the npm registry since at least December 4, 2023, with removal actions initiated by GitHub this week.

NodeJS 0xLint is Released

 Today marks a significant milestone as oxlint, a JavaScript linter, is officially released for general availability. The release highlights the team's commitment to efficiently addressing and triaging issues in a timely manner.

Oxlint, designed to catch erroneous or redundant code without requiring any configurations by default, is positioned as a valuable enhancement in scenarios where ESLint's slowness becomes a bottleneck in the development workflow.

MikroORM 6 is Released

 After over a year of development, I'm excited to announce the stable release of the next major version of MikroORM. This version introduces numerous enhancements across the entire system, placing a strong emphasis on type-safety and strictness.

For those unfamiliar with MikroORM, it is a TypeScript data-mapper ORM featuring Unit of Work and Identity Map. It currently supports MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite drivers. Key features include implicit transactions, ChangeSet-based persistence, and Identity map.

In the preceding 5.x releases, notable additions included em.upsert() and em.upsertMany(), a custom pivot table entity, automatic relation discovery, full-text search support, explicit serialization, rel() and ref() helpers, and new Collection helpers such as map, filter, reduce, exists, find, indexBy, among others.

How to Use "Dictionary Data" type in Python

 Python is a programming language with syntax that closely resembles human language. This language can be used for various purposes, including web development, application creation, machine learning development, and much more. In this article, I will discuss how to manage dictionary data types in Python.

What is a Dictionary Data Type?

In Python, there is a dictionary data type that functions to store data in a key and value format. In other programming languages like JavaScript, this data type is similar to an object. An example of a dictionary data type can be seen in the code below.

Thursday, February 1, 2024

Radxa 03W REVIEW, Best Raspberry Competitor at the moment?


In this review, we will explore the Radxa 03w. This is a single-board computer with a zero form factor, equipped with a quad-core processor, and various options for RAM and internal storage. Let's dive in and take a closer look!

Here, we have the Radxa 03w with 2 GB of RAM and onboard 16 GB EMMC flash storage. I got it from Allnet for $33, and the models vary from the 1 GB variant without EMMC and GPIO header priced at $19 to the 4 GB variant priced at $68, just to add to the confusion.

FIVE High-grossing Game Contents in 2024! Imitate Now Hurry Up

 Hello fellow content creators, welcome back to our channel. Today, we will discuss something interesting, namely the income potential in the gaming content world on YouTube. Many people believe that the earnings from gaming content are low, but it turns out not all of it is like that. Let's discuss together which games have high earnings potential and how to increase RPM values to maximize our income.

Before we dive into the details, it is important to note that the average RPM (Revenue per Mille) for gaming content ranges from 1 to 2 dollars. However, there are certain games that have much higher RPM values. So, let's look at which games can provide significant earnings.

How to Install Copilot on Linux Using Cloud9 Service

In this guide, we've opted to utilize the Cloud9 service to deploy Copilot, a powerful command-line interface from AWS. It's worth noting that the steps provided can be followed in any Linux or MacOS environment.

Step 2.1: Check Copilot Installation Status

Optional: Verify whether Copilot is already installed on your machine by executing the following command:


If Copilot is not installed, you should receive a "command not found" response; if it's installed, a set of instructions will be displayed.

How to Install COMPLETE NodeJS Stack on Raspberry Pi 3, 4, and 5


Node.js, built on the V8 JavaScript engine, brings the versatility of JavaScript to the server-side, enabling developers to use the same language for both client and server applications. Known for its non-blocking, event-driven architecture, Node.js is a go-to choice for building scalable and high-performance applications. Its lightweight nature makes it a perfect fit for resource-constrained environments, such as the Raspberry Pi.

Run all of these command, step by step:

How to Install CloudNativePG (cnpg)

In a significant development for Kubernetes users, the CloudNativePG plugin is now available, promising an enhanced deployment experience for the CloudNativePG operator. Users can easily install this plugin using the command:

kubectl krew install cnpg

This innovative plugin streamlines the deployment process by generating a comprehensive manifest file for the CloudNativePG operator, encompassing all the necessary resources. To generate these manifests, users can execute the following command:

kubectl cnpg install generate -n pg-operator --replicas 1 > pg-operator-manifests.yaml

The resulting manifest file, named pg-operator-manifests.yml, allows users to customize various aspects of the deployment. Notable configurations include specifying the number of replicas for the operator and assigning it to a dedicated namespace (pg-operator) to prevent accidental deletions.