Tuesday, May 5, 2015

How to Send Text and Files Between Two Computers with Dukto

File sharing is a frequent task for people who work within the same network. Sometimes it hurt very much that we can't transfer a file or even just a clipboard to the other PC. Today I’ve come with a new application called Dukto, which lets you transfer files between different computers within the same network.

Here’s how it works.


Dukto is a free application for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. It lets you transfer files and text between these three operating systems within the same network. You can download the app using the link at the end of this post. Portable version is available for Windows machines. The app is very small and easy to install. Once you complete the installation, it will open a small window as shown in the screenshot. There will be a top menu bar for file transfer and options at the bottom to access files and settings of the application.


On the homepage, it will display your PC name and below that you have an option to connect other PCs within your network. To start transferring a file or a text, click the “IP Connection” icon in the homepage, it will take you to another window, where you need to enter the remote PC’s IP address. To see the IP address of a PC, click the “Addresses” option in the bottom menu bar. Once you enter the IP Address, it will enable four options below. It lets you send a custom text, text from your Clipboard, multiple files and folders.


All the connected PCs can be seen using the “Addresses” option below. In the “Settings” option, you can change the location where the received files are needed to be saved. I personally use Mac and Windows within the same network.

And thats all folks, how to send text files or text between two computers with Duckto.

Download Duckto from here.


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