Thursday, August 13, 2015

Ubuntu One File-Sync Source Code Is Finally Released

Do you remember Ubuntu One services from Canonical? Yups, the file storage and sync services for Ubuntu operating system that not running quite well so it is closed last year. Ubuntu One is not 100% die. Only two major component of its core services that closed actually, the file storage and syncing and the music services.

Last year, when it announced to be closed, Canonical is planning to release the Ubuntu One source code to public. But, it can't be released to some propietary part that still held by Canonical. Now, they officially release the full Ubuntu One source-code at Launchpad.

You or your company, can fork and use it for your purposes for free as it is already an opensource product.

"Today, we’re happy to be open sourcing the biggest piece of our Ubuntu One file syncing service. The code we’re releasing is the server side of what desktop clients connected to when syncing local or remote changes. This is code where most of the innovation and hard work went throughout the years, where we faced most of the scaling challenges and the basis on which other components were built upon. We have released it under a AGPLv3 license and hoping it’s useful for developers to read through, fork into their own projects or pick out useful bits and pieces,


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