Thursday, November 1, 2018

How to Install WSO2 API Manager in Docker Container

WSO2 API Manager is an open source approach to addressing any spectrum of the API lifecycle, monetization and policy enforcement.

WSO2 API Manager features:

  • Design APIs and gather developers' feedback before implementing (API First Design). Design can be done from the publishing interface or via importing an existing Swagger 2.0 definition

  • Deploy a prototyped API, provide early access to APIs, and get early feedback

  • Mock API implementation using JavaScript

  • Supports publishing SOAP, REST, JSON, and XML style services as APIs

  • Pre-loaded sample APIs for a hassle-free first experience

Build the WSO2 API Manager Images

Create a Dockerfile and write this sample script:


FROM java:8

RUN wget --user-agent="testuser" --referer=""${APIM_VERSION}/wso2am-${APIM_VERSION}.zip

RUN pwd
RUN ls -la
RUN apt-get update && apt-get install -y zip && apt-get clean
RUN unzip wso2am-${APIM_VERSION}.zip -d /tmp
RUN rm wso2am-${APIM_VERSION}.zip

EXPOSE 9443 9763 8243 8280 10397 7711
ENTRYPOINT [ "bin/" ]


then build with Docker Build command

[sourcecode]docker build -t wso2apimanager . [/sourcecode]

wait until the image is successfully build.

Run WSO2 API Manager

to run WSO2 API Manager server in Docker, type:

[sourcecode]docker run -p 9443:9443 -p 9763:9763 -p 8243:8243 -p 8280:8280 -p 10397:10397 -p 7711:711 wso2apimanager[/sourcecode]

for more information, play this video tutorial:

[youtube src=""]


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