Tuesday, July 28, 2020

How to Unregister Nutanix Cluster from Nutanix Prism Central

As you read from the title, to unregister Nutanix Cluste from Nutanix Prism Central:

  1. Login to one of your Nutanix CVM

  2. execute this command:

ncli multicluster remove-from-multicluster external-ip-address-or-svm-ips=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx username=admin password=nutanix/4u force=true

where xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx your prism central ip addresses.

please wait the process to finish

Cluster unregistration is currently in progress. This operation may take a while.

If You Failed! Error: No route to host (Host unreachable)

  1. Check your ip addresses

  2. If your prism central VM is powered off, then power on first

  3. If your prism central VM is deleted, you can delete the multicluster state and wait for new state to be created.

in one of your CVM:

ncli multicluster get-cluster-state

copy cluster-id:

Cluster Id : xxxnxnxnxn-xnxnxmx-xmnxmxmx-xjxmxmx
Cluster Name : Unnamed
Is Multicluster : true
Controller VM IP Addre... : []
External or Masqueradi... :
Controller VM NAT IP A... :
Marked for Removal : false
Remote Connection Exists : true

then delete the state:

ncli multicluster delete-cluster-state cluster-id=xxxnxnxnxn-xnxnxmx-xmnxmxmx-xjxmxmx

xxxnxnxnxn-xnxnxmx-xmnxmxmx-xjxmxmx is your cluster Id.


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