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How to Convert from CentOS 8 to CentOS Stream

CentOS Linux's future is CentOS Stream – yes, you have heard it correctly. This is the exact announcement from Rich Brown, community manager of CentOS.

In 2021, CentOS will be shifting focus from CentOS Linux to CentOS Stream, a midstream between Fedora and RHEL. This announcement garnered a lot of negative reactions in the comments section and all over social media and blogs.

Along with this, the support for CentOS 8 will end at the end of 2021, cut short from the actual end date – 31st May 2029. This end of support forces users to switch to CentOS stream as early as possible.

If you plan to upgrade from CentOS 7 to CentOS 8, you can skip or avoid upgrading to CentOS 8 as CentOS 7 will get support until 2024.

Though you may like it or not, we have to migrate our systems from CentOS 8 to CentOS stream one day. So, follow the below procedure to migrate from CentOS 8 to CentOS stream without any struggle.

Update CentOS 8 (Optional)

Bring up your system to the latest release of CentOS 8 (v8.3.2011) and then proceed to upgrade.
dnf update -y

Reboot the system to complete the update.

Check the OS version post-reboot.
cat /etc/centos-release

CentOS Linux release 8.3.2011

Convert from CentOS 8 to CentOS Stream

Install the CentOS Stream release package on your system. This package places the CentOS Stream repository configuration in the /etc/yum.repos.d directory.
dnf install centos-release-stream -y

CentOS-8 - AppStream                                                               1.4 MB/s | 6.2 MB     00:04 CentOS-8 - Base                                                                    489 kB/s | 2.3 MB     00:04 CentOS-8 - Extras                                                                  2.4 kB/s | 8.1 kB     00:03 CentOS-8 - PowerTools                                                              616 kB/s | 2.0 MB     00:03 Google Cloud SDK                                                                   5.0 MB/s |  23 MB     00:04 Google Compute Engine                                                              2.3 kB/s | 7.4 kB     00:03 Dependencies resolved. =================================================================================================================== Package                            Arch                Version                          Repository           Size =================================================================================================================== Installing: centos-release-stream              x86_64              8.1-1.1911.0.7.el8               extras               11 k Installing dependencies: centos-gpg-keys                    noarch              1:8-2.el8                        BaseOS               12 k centos-linux-release               noarch              8.3-1.2011.el8                   BaseOS               22 k replacing  centos-release.x86_64 8.0-0.1905.0.9.el8 centos-linux-repos                 noarch              8-2.el8                          BaseOS               20 k Transaction Summary =================================================================================================================== Install  4 Packages Total download size: 64 k Downloading Packages: (1/4): centos-gpg-keys-8-2.el8.noarch.rpm                                           11 kB/s |  12 kB     00:01 (2/4): centos-linux-repos-8-2.el8.noarch.rpm                                        18 kB/s |  20 kB     00:01 (3/4): centos-linux-release-8.3-1.2011.el8.noarch.rpm                               20 kB/s |  22 kB     00:01 (4/4): centos-release-stream-8.1-1.1911.0.7.el8.x86_64.rpm                         139 kB/s |  11 kB     00:00 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Total                                                                               27 kB/s |  64 kB     00:02 Running transaction check Transaction check succeeded. Running transaction test Transaction test succeeded. Running transaction Preparing        :                                                                                           1/1 Running scriptlet: centos-gpg-keys-1:8-2.el8.noarch                                                          1/1 Installing       : centos-gpg-keys-1:8-2.el8.noarch                                                          1/5 Installing       : centos-linux-release-8.3-1.2011.el8.noarch                                                2/5 Installing       : centos-linux-repos-8-2.el8.noarch                                                         3/5 Installing       : centos-release-stream-8.1-1.1911.0.7.el8.x86_64                                           4/5 Obsoleting       : centos-release-8.0-0.1905.0.9.el8.x86_64                                                  5/5 warning: /etc/yum.repos.d/CentOS-PowerTools.repo saved as /etc/yum.repos.d/CentOS-PowerTools.repo.rpmsave Running scriptlet: centos-release-8.0-0.1905.0.9.el8.x86_64                                                  5/5 Verifying        : centos-gpg-keys-1:8-2.el8.noarch                                                          1/5 Verifying        : centos-linux-release-8.3-1.2011.el8.noarch                                                2/5 Verifying        : centos-release-8.0-0.1905.0.9.el8.x86_64                                                  3/5 Verifying        : centos-linux-repos-8-2.el8.noarch                                                         4/5 Verifying        : centos-release-stream-8.1-1.1911.0.7.el8.x86_64                                           5/5 Installed: centos-release-stream-8.1-1.1911.0.7.el8.x86_64                 centos-gpg-keys-1:8-2.el8.noarch centos-linux-release-8.3-1.2011.el8.noarch                      centos-linux-repos-8-2.el8.noarch Complete!

Run the below command remove the CentOS 8 repository configurations from the /etc/yum.repos.d directory.
dnf swap centos-{linux,stream}-repos -y

Dependencies resolved. =================================================================================================================== Package                            Arch                Version                   Repository                  Size =================================================================================================================== Installing: centos-stream-release              noarch              8.4-1.el8                 Stream-BaseOS               21 k replacing  centos-linux-release.noarch 8.3-1.2011.el8 replacing  centos-release-stream.x86_64 8.1-1.1911.0.7.el8 centos-stream-repos                noarch              8-2.el8                   Stream-BaseOS               19 k Removing: centos-linux-repos                 noarch              8-2.el8                   @BaseOS                     26 k Transaction Summary =================================================================================================================== Install  2 Packages Remove   1 Package Total download size: 40 k Downloading Packages: (1/2): centos-stream-release-8.4-1.el8.noarch.rpm                                   18 kB/s |  21 kB     00:01 (2/2): centos-stream-repos-8-2.el8.noarch.rpm                                       16 kB/s |  19 kB     00:01 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Total                                                                               18 kB/s |  40 kB     00:02 Running transaction check Transaction check succeeded. Running transaction test Transaction test succeeded. Running transaction Preparing        :                                                                                           1/1 Running scriptlet: centos-stream-repos-8-2.el8.noarch                                                        1/1 Installing       : centos-stream-repos-8-2.el8.noarch                                                        1/5 Installing       : centos-stream-release-8.4-1.el8.noarch                                                    2/5 Obsoleting       : centos-release-stream-8.1-1.1911.0.7.el8.x86_64                                           3/5 Obsoleting       : centos-linux-release-8.3-1.2011.el8.noarch                                                4/5 Erasing          : centos-linux-repos-8-2.el8.noarch                                                         5/5 Running scriptlet: centos-linux-repos-8-2.el8.noarch                                                         5/5 Verifying        : centos-stream-release-8.4-1.el8.noarch                                                    1/5 Verifying        : centos-linux-release-8.3-1.2011.el8.noarch                                                2/5 Verifying        : centos-release-stream-8.1-1.1911.0.7.el8.x86_64                                           3/5 Verifying        : centos-stream-repos-8-2.el8.noarch                                                        4/5 Verifying        : centos-linux-repos-8-2.el8.noarch                                                         5/5 Installed: centos-stream-release-8.4-1.el8.noarch                     centos-stream-repos-8-2.el8.noarch Removed: centos-linux-repos-8-2.el8.noarch Complete!

Synchronize the installed packages to the latest available versions.
dnf distro-sync -y

This action would take some time to complete, and it depends on the speed of the internet connection. Wait for the update to complete.

Reboot the system post-migration.

Validate the OS release after reboot.
cat /etc/centos-release

CentOS Stream release 8

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