Tuesday, August 16, 2022

New SOVA Android Banking Trojan: Attack with New Capabilities & Targets

SOVA, a trojan on the android platform that attacks banking applications has now been detected as having new capabilities and targets. Around 200 mobile applications were recorded as being the target of one of the most vicious banking trojans in the world. Apart from attacking banking applications, SOVA trojan is also a crypto wallet and crypto exchange.

According to the Italian security firm, Cleafy, released the news this week. The SOVA Trojan can now intercept two-factor-authentication codes, steal cookies and attack targets from bank customers in Australia, Brazil, China, India, the Philippines and the UK.

The banking trojan, feature-rich as it is, is also expected to incorporate a ransomware component in the next iteration, which is currently under development and aims to encrypt all files stored in the infected device using AES and rename them with the extension ". enc." The enhancement is likely to make SOVA a formidable threat in the mobile threat landscape.


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