Thursday, August 4, 2022

Watch PiHut Tear-downing the Raspberry Pi 400!

 The new Raspberry Pi four hundred is an altogether unique type of product than we`re used to seeing from Raspberry Pi. 

 Whilst The Pi400 keeps comparable functions and overall performance to the Raspberry Pi 4, and really tons borrows it`s `clicky elements` from the present Raspberry Pi keyboard, having the running elements hidden away isn`t some thing we`re used to seeing from the smart parents at Raspberry Pi. 

 Whilst this eliminates a whole lot of the distraction for plenty information customers starting off on a brand new coding journey, a lot of us pro Raspberry Pi customers are keen to look what`s taking place below the hood! 

 What does the PCB appearance like? How huge is that heatsink? Where are the components? What new elements does it use? Can the keyboard be hacked?

Watch their entire process of teardowning the Raspberry Pi 400 here:


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