Saturday, August 13, 2022

What is AttackForge? The best Pen testing tool?

AttackForge is A pen test management and collaboration tool and it was developed to make security testing easier for both big and small businesses.

The Daily Swig previously reported that the creators showed off an early iteration of the tool at Black Hat Europe 2021.

The new capabilities in this year's ReportGen, according to Stas Filshtinskiy, co-founder of the DevSecOps tool, are intended to eliminate the "most hated element" of pen testing.

The Daily Swig was informed by him that "reporting is the most hated component of every pen test." "It takes a lot of time and might ruin the fun of being a hacker." Other tools are available, but they typically require complicated programming or the usage of many tools, making it challenging to generate and maintain templates.

"We developed a totally distinct method, which makes it easy for anyone to start using the system quickly with little learning curve; and easy to maintain templates."

To help the security community concentrate more on what matters—finding vulnerabilities and hastenin.

The key highlights for the latest version include:

  • New pen test reporting templates
  • The ability to use AttackForge ReportGen with any arbitrary JSON file, providing people with ability to generate reports on any data set in JSON format
  • Introduced ReportGen Functions – giving people the ability to program custom logic into templates to create sophisticated and powerful reports
  • And extended ReportGen Filters, providing people with greater flexibility on filtering data in their reports.

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