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What's New in Firefox 104? Here it is

 Scheduled to be released on August 23, 2022, Mozilla Firefox 104 is officially available for download, both for Linux, macOS and Windows platforms.

Firefox 104 version came as a beta testing version at the end of last July, by offering features that many parties have been waiting for, namely swipe left and right as a two-finger gesture without touching the alt key. Unfortunately, this feature seems immature, so the two-finger gesture feature will be coming from Firefox 105.

Among other features, Firefox 104 brings support for subtitles on Disney+ in the Picture-in-Picture (PiP) feature, adds support for captioning, drawing and signatures in the built-in PDF viewer, and adds support for scroll-snap-stop and replay. -snapping properties to define the passing of the snap point and to maintain the position of the last snap.

With this release, Mozilla has decided to adopt performance features that are only available for background tabs to the Firefox UI for improved performance and better battery life. In addition, Linux users get improved stability and performance when minimizing or restoring windows.

Among some of the bugs fixed in Firefox 104, there are fixes to retain highlight color after typing Enter in Yahoo Mail and Outlook mail builder, fixes for unformatted shortcuts (Shift+Ctrl+V) to work in plain text contexts like input and areas text, as well as fixes for navigating back on error pages to take you to previously visited websites.


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