Friday, September 9, 2022

How to Crack PDF Password with Pdfcrack-ng

In this tutorial, we gonna crack PDF password with Pdfcrack-ng.  Pdfcrack-ng

 is an awesome open-source PDF cracker. Learn more about it here

How to Install Pdfcrack-ng

Install cmake. Assuming your distro uses apt you can run

sudo apt install cmake

Clone the pdfcrack-ng Repo

git clone

Build and install pdfcrack-ng

cd pdfcrack-ng

mkdir build && cd build

sudo apt install cmake

cmake --build .

sudo cmake --install .

Running Pdfcrack-ng with a Word List

Now that we have pdfcrack-ng setup let’s try and crack this pdf with this password file.

pdfcrack-ng -f level_one_protected.pdf -w level_one_passwords.txt

Your output should look like and be almost instant (1/10th of a second to crack):

Found user-password: <password>

Now that you know how to crack a pdf with a word list let’s make some of our own.


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