Sunday, February 12, 2023

How to Change WordPress Theme Using phpMyAdmin or Directly from the Database

In some cases, new changes to your WordPress site, such as plugins or updates, may cause compatibility issues with your current theme. This can result in an inability to access the admin area and switch to a different theme. In such scenarios, you can change the theme directly from the database or phpMyAdmin.

Here's how to change the theme using phpMyAdmin:

Log into phpMyAdmin (through cPanel, Plesk, Web Hosting, or Managed WordPress).

Select the database you want to manage.

Find the wp_options table (it may be named something like wprv_options, make sure to look for _options).

Look for the "template" entry under the "option_name" column.

Click "Edit" next to the "template" entry and change the "option_value" to the folder name of your desired theme.

Click "Go" to save.

Repeat the same process for the "stylesheet" entry, making sure the "option_value" is the folder name of your theme or child theme.

After saving, reload your website to see the new theme in effect.

If your WordPress issue persists, you can reach out for assistance. Our team can help you fix all your WordPress and server issues, including deleting old backups from the WHM server. We also have a tutorial available on activating a theme from the database, which you can follow for further guidance.


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