Friday, February 10, 2023

How to Install Go Language using Package Manager in Linux

Go language is available in the default repositories of most modern Linux distributions.

To install Golang in Alpine Linux, run:

$ sudo apk add go

On Arch Linux and variants like EndeavourOS and Manjaro Linux:

$ sudo pacman -S go

On RPM based systems like Fedora, RHEL, and its clones like CentOS, AlmaLinux and Rocky Linux, run:

$ sudo dnf install golang

On older RHEL systems, use yum instead of dnf:

$ sudo yum install golang

On DEB based systems such as Debian, Ubuntu, Linux Mint and Pop OS, you can install Go language using command:

$ sudo apt install golang


$ sudo zypper install golang

Once installed, Check the Golang version using command:

$ go version

Sample output:

go version go1.18.1 linux/amd64


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