Friday, February 10, 2023

What is ArchiveBox Software?

ArchiveBox is a free, open source and powerful Internet archiving solution to collect, save your favorite websites and view or read them offline.

You can feed it a single URL or schedule imports from your browser bookmarks, browser history, plain text, HTML, markdown, feeds like RSS, bookmark services like Pocket/Pinboard and more!

ArchiveBox saves the snapshot of the given URLs in several output formats such as HTML, JSON, PDF, PNG screenshots, WARC, and more!

By default, ArchiveBox stores all captured pages to for redundancy, however it you can disable it if you want local-only caching mode.

ArchiveBox is available as a Commandline tool, a web app and a desktop app. It is cross-platform and supports GNU/Linux, macOS and Windows. ArchiveBox is written in Python and the source code is available in GitHub.


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