Monday, March 6, 2023

How to Create Tinted Status Bar (Coloured Status Bar)

Android users are certainly accustomed to the black-colored status bar and may now feel a little bored with it. Since the iPhone released a colored status bar that follows the application, some Android developers have tried to create applications to change the color of the status bar according to the color of the application you are using. One of the circulating tinted status bar applications is "Tinted Status Bar" and "Flat Style Colored Bars", which are modules of the Xposed framework.

To use these applications, your Android device must be rooted first. If your device is already rooted and you want to try making the status bar on your Android more colorful, please follow the tutorial below:

Tutorial on Making the Status Bar Colorful Following the Application

  • Download and install Xposed Installer (make sure "Unknown Sources" is enabled first).
  • Then open the Xposed app and select "Download".
  • Next, search for the Flat Style Colored Bars application and click on it.
  • Select the version and click "Download".
  • After it is downloaded, there will be a notification to install this application.
  • After installing it, open the application and then go back to Xposed and select "Modules".
  • Check the box for Flat Style Colored Bars.
  • Next, select "Framework", then select "Install/Update".
  • There will be a notification to select "OK", and your Android device will automatically reboot/restart.

The tutorial on how to change the status bar color is complete.


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