Wednesday, January 31, 2024

A SECRET FLOW To Rank in AI Blog Post Niche

If you're on the lookout for an effective workflow that seamlessly integrates keyword research and AI-powered content creation, you're in for a treat. To kick things off, I'll be utilizing WriterZen's suite of keyword and research tools, including the Topic Discovery, Keyword Explorer, and Content Creator.

The Topic Discovery tool is a gem for brainstorming and structuring your website's content. Using the example of AI, we can explore various subtopics like infrastructure, investments, APIs, sentiment AI, technology, healthcare, education, generative AI, IoT, and governance. This tool not only sparks ideas but also provides insights into total search volume and content suggestions.

Moving on to the AI and education niche, we can narrow down our focus. With a search volume of 90,000, it's a promising domain. The Keyword Explorer tool provides detailed insights into search volume, cost per click, and related keywords. Selecting 'AI in education' as our keyword, we can further analyze its competitiveness and potential.

Now armed with a promising keyword, it's time to head to the Content Creator tool. This is where the magic happens. Copying over relevant ideas and generating a list, we're ready to create an article.

The generated article, although a good start, falls slightly short at 692 words. Now, we switch to ChatGPT's Playground mode for further refinement. Using SEO prompts and outline prompts, we instruct the AI to expand the article. The result? A comprehensive 1,500-word article, ready for fine-tuning.

Converting the article into markdown format, we get a well-structured piece. Comparing it to WriterZen's generated content, we notice improvements in length, headings, and paragraphs. We identify areas for manual optimization, such as adding images and addressing keywords.

Taking a closer look at our keywords, we integrate them seamlessly, ensuring optimal density. Leveraging WriterZen's competitor analysis feature, we gain insights into how others use these keywords effectively.

Heading back to the outline, we review and customize, tailoring it to our preferences. Saving and setting up our keywords, we're now back in the Content Writing section. Thanks to our manual optimizations, the overall score has climbed to a solid 'B.'

In conclusion, this workflow is a powerful blend of WriterZen's tools and ChatGPT's AI capabilities, offering a comprehensive approach to keyword research and content creation. If you're eager to explore WriterZen for yourself, check out the link in the description.

Source: Digital Creator Avi, Youtube


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