Wednesday, January 31, 2024

COMPLETE! CPA Marketing Master Tutorial for Beginners (600 Dollars in 7 Days?)

In this step-by-step guide, we will explore together how to go from zero to earning $100 per day with CPA marketing. We will show you the methods we use to make $632 in a week with CPA marketing, as well as the strategies beginners can use to earn more than $100 to $200 every day. We will also provide information about the best offers to promote, leading CPA networks to use, and proven ways to generate traffic for your offers, allowing you to start making money right away.

 I have been involved in the world of CPA marketing. Let's get started with the first step. Before we begin, we need to understand what CPA marketing is all about. As a CPA affiliate, your mission is to promote products, and in return, you will receive commissions. Users will click on your affiliate link generated in your CPA network, and they will be directed to a landing page. Once they take actions such as providing an email address or phone number, you will earn a commission.

The first step we usually take is to choose a CPA network from which we want to take offers. Our preference is always for Dr. Cash, a neutral network that has hundreds of offers in various niches, such as weight loss and enhancement products. They also provide pre-landing pages and landing pages for each offer we choose, so we just need to take the link and start promoting.

The second step is to choose an offer from that network. For example, in this video, we will promote a weight loss product. After selecting the offer, we need to create a campaign in the CPA network. Then, the third step is to choose a traffic source. Our recommendation is to use Easy Mob to buy cheap but high-quality traffic. They support neutral offers and offer various ad formats.

The fourth step is to set up tracking. This involves copying the tracking URL from Easy Mob and pasting it into the Dr. Cash settings. This is to ensure that conversions from Dr. Cash will be transferred to Easy Mob for optimization. Additionally, we need to add Easy Mob's conversion parameters to our affiliate link. Once these steps are completed, the final step is to create a campaign in Easy Mob with a suitable format, such as a floating push campaign. Don't forget to create several campaign creatives for testing and analyzing their performance.

So, those are the steps. We've covered everything from selecting offers in the CPA network to creating campaigns on the advertising platform. We hope this guide is helpful for everyone to achieve a $100 per day income with CPA marketing. Feel free to try and experiment with different strategies. Good luck, fellow content creators!



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