Wednesday, January 31, 2024

How to Clean AirPods

If you're a regular user of AirPods, those tiny companions that snugly fit into your ears, it's time to face a reality check – they need cleaning! Whether you've been rocking them during intense workouts or simply wearing them for extended periods, giving your AirPods some occasional TLC is essential. In this blog post, I'm taking you through the process of cleaning and sanitizing my well-loved AirPods Pro, sharing tips and insights for a hassle-free experience.

The Essential Cleaning Kit:

Before we dive in, let's keep things simple. Forget about overcomplicating the cleaning process; all you need are a couple of Q-tips and lens wipes. If you want to be extra cautious and keep your workspace clean, throw in a disposable surface like a paper towel.

Choosing the Right Cleaning Materials:

While some swear by isopropyl alcohol, I'm cautious about drenching my AirPods in solvents. Instead, I opt for lens wipes with 40-50% alcohol content – less abrasive and perfect for cleaning glasses, camera lenses, screens, and, of course, AirPods.

Step 1: Assess the Situation

Take a moment to evaluate the condition of your AirPods. My second-gen AirPods Pro, a year old and well-used, looked surprisingly new despite the wear and tear. However, a closer look revealed some buildup in the Lightning port and other nooks.

Step 2: Clean the Charging Case

Start with the case, focusing on the hinges, where the AirPods sit, and the connectors supplying power. A combination of a lens wipe and Q-tip is all you need to tackle the muck. Be gentle around the charge connectors to avoid any damage.

Step 3: Clean the AirPods

Gently remove the silicone earbud tip and use a Q-tip and lens wipe to clean both inside and out. A thorough wipe of the earbud itself completes the process.

Step 4: Tackle the Charge Port

Exercise caution when cleaning the charge port – if it's not too dirty, it's best to leave it be. If cleaning is necessary, roll up a lens wipe into a point and gently remove debris. Avoid excessive force to prevent damage.


To address common queries, I've included some frequently asked questions:

Why use lens wipes? Lens wipes are lint-free, use minimal cleaning fluid, and are designed not to harm plastics and delicate coatings.

How often should you clean your AirPods? It varies, but a few months between cleanings can help keep them fresh.

Why do AirPods sound muffled? Debris or earwax buildup may affect sound quality, making periodic cleaning crucial.

Can I use hydrogen peroxide? Never use harsh chemicals or solvents; stick to a gentle cleaning routine with Q-tips and lens wipes.


Your AirPods may not look brand new after cleaning, but they'll certainly be a lot cleaner and more hygienic. Regular cleaning not only enhances their appearance but also contributes to a better audio experience. So, grab your Q-tips and lens wipes, and give your AirPods the cleaning they deserve!


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