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How to Make Money with Faceless Niche Videos, Example Niche: Talking Fish Video

In the rapidly evolving world of social media, new opportunities for income generation are emerging, and TikTok's Creativity Program is at the forefront of this movement. For those unfamiliar, this program is TikTok's response to YouTube Shorts, offering creators the chance to earn up to $1 per 1,000 views for videos longer than a minute. The faceless videos within a unique niche on TikTok are making headlines, with creators raking in tens of thousands of dollars. In this blog post, we'll dive deep into TikTok, revealing a faceless niche that's generating millions of views and, consequently, significant revenue.

Our journey into TikTok led us to a faceless niche that's been making waves on the platform. An account within this niche garnered a staggering 16 million views last month, potentially translating to an impressive $116,000 in earnings. Other accounts, despite being relatively new, are quickly gaining traction with millions of views. What's the secret to their success? These creators leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to craft scripts, provide voiceovers, and add captions to their videos.

The Faceless Niche: SpongeBob Talking Fish News Videos

The peculiar yet lucrative faceless niche we stumbled upon involves creating news videos where the talking character is the news fish from SpongeBob SquarePants. Yes, you heard it right – SpongeBob Talking Fish News Videos. These videos present the latest news in a unique and entertaining format, capturing the attention of millions of viewers.

Creating the SpongeBob Talking Fish Animation

To embark on this creative venture, you'll need a video of the talking SpongeBob news fish. There are two methods to achieve this: either find a green screen version on YouTube or create your own using an image of the news fish character. The latter method allows for more creative freedom. Using a tool like CapCut, a free video editing software, you can cut out the green background, duplicate the video, and create an engaging talking fish animation.

Voice Cloning with 11 Labs

The next crucial step is obtaining the distinctive voice of the SpongeBob news fish. By searching for a suitable sample on YouTube and using tools like 11 Labs for voice cloning, you can recreate the iconic voice. This AI-powered voice cloning technology allows you to generate a convincing SpongeBob news fish voice using just a one-minute sample.

Crafting Captivating Scripts with Chat GPT and Google News

To keep your content fresh and relevant, turn to Google News for the latest stories. Using Chat GPT, instruct it to summarize an article between 1,000 and 1,300 characters. Target topics that resonate with the likely audience – individuals aged 15 to 30 who grew up with SpongeBob. Using the generated script, you're now equipped to create engaging content.

Bringing It All Together in CapCut

With your talking character animation, voiceover, and script in hand, use CapCut to assemble your video. Add relevant images, incorporate the voiceover, and bring the animation to life by animating the mouth movements. To make your video even more captivating, select a suitable background image related to SpongeBob SquarePants.

Adding SpongeBob Style Captions with SubMic

Finally, enhance your video with SpongeBob-style captions to make it more engaging, especially for viewers watching with the sound off. SubMic, a specialized short-form content editing software, can assist with generating captions in a visually appealing style. By uploading a SpongeBob font and fine-tuning the settings, your video is now ready for export.


In the ever-expanding landscape of online content creation, TikTok's Creativity Program provides an avenue for unique and lucrative opportunities. The SpongeBob Talking Fish News Videos niche exemplifies the creativity and innovation that can lead to substantial earnings on the platform. By leveraging AI tools, video editing software, and captivating scripts, creators can carve out their space and potentially make a splash in the world of TikTok content creation.


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