Tuesday, January 23, 2024

The Hidden Value of YouTube Comments: Building a Sense of Community on Your Channel

While on the surface, YouTube comments serve as a platform for viewers to provide feedback, express their preferences, and engage with each other, their true value is often underestimated. The oversight mainly stems from the fact that only a small percentage of your audience actively participates in commenting, roughly ranging from 0.5% to 5%.

Consider this: where else on your channel can your audience interact and foster a sense of community? The community feature and video comments are the most apparent options, but other interactions like likes, dislikes, and subscriptions also play a role. When viewers watch your videos, they build a connection with you, but the challenge is in enhancing the connection among the audience members themselves.

Now, reflect on the channels you follow. How frequently do you actively engage by liking, disliking, subscribing, or commenting? Chances are, like many, you may not be actively participating in every channel you watch. This aligns with the common trend where only a small percentage of viewers actively comment.

However, there's a group we haven't discussed yet – the Watchers. These are individuals who frequent the comment section for entertainment, understanding different perspectives, or seeking drama. The percentage of people watching comments may be more significant than those actively commenting. So, when you post a video, you essentially cater to three groups: those who just watch, those who actively comment, and the Watchers.

For content creators, capitalizing on the value of comments is crucial. Watchers play a vital role in this ecosystem, as commenters provide value for them. While commenters represent a small portion of the audience, Watchers likely make up a significant part. As a creator, utilizing the comment section strategically becomes essential.

One strategy involves posting a pinned comment on every video, providing a topic for discussion or a question. Additionally, creators should make an effort to acknowledge and respond to comments, making commenters feel seen and cared for. This interaction leaves a lasting impression on viewers and fosters a sense of community.

An innovative strategy is to view your channel as a marketing engine. Identify super fans among the commenters – those consistently providing positive feedback and suggestions. These individuals, already deeply engaged, are ready to be converted to the next level. This could involve promoting merchandise, consultations, or other products or services.

Implementing this strategy doesn't have to be slow. Rather than focusing solely on recent videos, extend the approach to your top-performing older videos. This way, you can capture the attention of both commenters and Watchers who are still active on those videos. By doing so, you enhance your conversion strategy, turning warm viewers into more dedicated fans.

Ultimately, engaging purposefully in the comment section, utilizing pinned comments, and converting active viewers into super fans can significantly improve your overall channel interaction and conversion strategy. If you've tried this approach, share your success in the comments, and if you haven't, consider implementing it today.


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