Tuesday, January 30, 2024

THREE things pro Facebook creators should avoid if they want to succeed

 In this tutorial, we will explain three things that Content Creators on Facebook Pro should avoid. Since we are using the Facebook platform from META, it is crucial to adhere to the existing rules, especially if you are serious about being a content creator. Here are THREE THINGS that Content Creators on Facebook Pro should Avoid:

Firstly, avoid content that is not authentic or reuploading. Often, I come across new content creators who tend to upload or reupload videos from others. This can lead to copyright violations, Facebook policy violations, and the dissemination of unwanted content. While it might be safe for now, when you reach 60,000 minutes of watch time and 5,000 followers, applying for monetization can become difficult if there are violations like this. It's better to avoid reuploading other people's videos to your Reels account.

Secondly, avoid focusing too much on seeking stars. Having a mindset that is too enticed by the number of stars can be distracting. For your information, 100 stars are only equivalent to 1 dollar or around Rp15,000. Although it can be an additional bonus, it's better not to make stars the main goal. Change your mindset to focus on creating content that is worth watching and maintaining the cleanliness of your account. This will make it easier for you to pass the monetization process without many violations.

Thirdly, avoid excessive activities or spam. This includes excessive commenting, using too many emotes or emojis, and excessive friend requests. Facebook considers such excessive activities as something disruptive and irrelevant. Make sure to interact and post appropriately. Excessive use of emotes is also considered unserious. The same goes for excessive friend requests, which can be seen as spam.

So, these three things need to be avoided for you to become a successful Content Creator on Facebook. We hope this video is helpful. Don't forget to like, comment, and if you have any questions, please write them in the comment section. 

Source: https://tutorial.emka.web.id/2024/01/tiga-hal-yang-harus-dihindari-kreator.html


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