Sunday, January 28, 2024

Youtube Creator Tips: How to nourish a weakly recommended YouTube channel

Hello fellow beginner YouTubers! This time, I will share some interesting tips on how to improve the health of your YouTube channel, especially for those of you who may feel that the recommendation system for your channel is not working well. Let's take a look at the steps!

Manually Upload Videos:

Many of us are familiar with the term "offl" or off-list, which means optimizing videos manually without involving playlists. How do you do it?

Let's say your theme is YouTube tutorials. Search for videos with a similar theme from larger channels on the YouTube homepage. Don't directly click on your video; instead, use an alternative channel for viewing. Watch one video from a larger channel with your theme and then find three different videos of yours. Resist the temptation to immediately watch your own video that appears on the homepage.

Watch the full duration of videos from the larger channel and conclude by watching your three videos. This is the video131 dilution technique. For those already monetized, it's better to upload manually without involving playlists to avoid detection by the YouTube algorithm.

Target Watch Hours: 222 and 323:

For non-monetized channels, you can use the 222 and 323 video upload technique. This means watching three videos from larger channels with your theme in full duration, followed by two different videos of yours, and ending with watching three videos from larger channels with your theme again.

Use Backup Channels:

It's essential to have several backup channels for watching and increasing interactions. Liking and commenting on your videos using backup channels will help boost activity on your channel.

Check Analytics Studio:

After implementing these offl techniques, make sure to check your Analytics Studio. Open YouTube Studio and look at the Reach section. If the videos suggesting your video overlap with those from larger channels with a similar theme, it means your recommendation system is starting to work well.

Promote on Google Ads:

If you want to further enhance recommendation distribution, don't hesitate to promote on Google Ads. This is a paid method, but the official Google platform will help your channel gain wider exposure.

So, those are some tips you can apply to improve the health of your YouTube channel. Remember, consistency is the key. Implement these techniques regularly every day for a month, and you will see results.

I hope these tips are helpful for those of you who are trying to build and grow your YouTube channel. Always stay enthusiastic and creative in creating content. See you in the next content, everyone!



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