Tuesday, February 6, 2024

CHANGED! Instagram 2024 New Algorithm Update

The dynamics of Instagram have undergone a complete transformation in February 2024. If you're still employing the same strategies from January, you might be witnessing a dip in your views. The algorithm's preferences for effects, sounds, and content length have shifted. In this blog post, we'll explore crucial adjustments and reveal two game-changing tips to potentially skyrocket your reach.

Tip 1: Stack Trending Sounds and Effects

To maximize your reach, start stacking trending sounds and effects. Trending sounds and effects individually enhance reach, but combining them yields double the results. Identify what's working in your niche by analyzing trending posts, discovering the effects and sounds, and incorporating them into your content. This simple tweak can make a significant difference without overcomplicating your videos.

Tip 2: Avoid Three Mistakes Hated by the Instagram Algorithm

Steer clear of three common mistakes that the Instagram algorithm currently dislikes:

a) Content without a Voiceover: Instagram prioritizes content with voiceovers, as it keeps users engaged for longer periods. Voiceovers make your content more interactive and contribute to increased reach.

b) Static Scenes: Change scenes every 2 to 3 seconds in your video to reset viewers' attention spans. This captivates your audience, leading to prolonged engagement, which Instagram loves.

c) Removing Ghost Followers: Avoid removing ghost followers as it can harm your account. Instagram interprets this action negatively, thinking people dislike your content, affecting your content's reach. Focus on outgrowing them instead.

Bonus: Stop saying "link in bio" within your posts, as it can decrease your reach by 50-60%.

Tip 3: Leverage ManyChat for Enhanced Engagement

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Key Metrics for Success

Understanding three key metrics is crucial for Instagram's algorithm to push out your content:

  • Trending Topics: Create content on trending topics by identifying smaller accounts with more views than followers or by exploring trending content in your niche.
  • Share to Like Ratio: Aim for a 50-75% share to like ratio, as each share is equivalent to around 400 views, propelling your content's reach.
  • Replays: Increase replays by creating short, text-rich posts or looping content, capturing viewers' attention for longer.

Optimizing for Algorithm Success

Ensure Instagram has a clear picture of your target audience through:

  • Bio: Craft a bio with broad keywords from your niche to help Instagram understand your intended audience.
  • Descriptions and Voiceovers: Include keywords in descriptions, on-screen text, and voiceovers to enhance search ranking.
  • Hashtags: Use the right hashtags, avoiding banned ones. Watch our video on the best hashtags for 2024 to stay updated.


Adapting to the latest Instagram algorithm changes is crucial for maintaining and expanding your reach. Implement these tips, avoid common mistakes, and leverage tools like ManyChat to stay ahead of the game in February 2024. For more insights on hashtags, check out our recommended video to ensure your content remains optimized for the evolving Instagram landscape.


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