Saturday, February 10, 2024

How to Make Faceless Youtube Channel with Highest Paying Niche

In the world of YouTube, there are countless niches to explore, but one unique and profitable niche is creating faceless tutorial videos. These videos, specifically faceless tutorials, have earned one creator over $115,000 per month by uploading only two videos a month. This niche has been overlooked by other content creators, making it a hidden opportunity.

To create these videos, a software called VED is used, which offers all necessary features for creating high-quality videos. The first step in creating a faceless tutorial video is to create an engaging intro. This is crucial as it captures viewers' attention and encourages them to watch the entire video.

To create the intro:

Select background music from VED's copyright-free library and set the volume to 40%.

Choose a text-to-speech voice for the voiceover, such as "Andrew."

Write an engaging intro script that makes viewers curious about the content and confirms their expectations based on the title and thumbnail.

Generate the voiceover and ensure it starts simultaneously with the background music.

Edit the background music to fade out right after the voiceover.

Next, footage related to the voiceover is added. For example, if discussing motivational videos on TikTok, search for motivational content on TikTok and record the screen using VED's screen recording software.

To enhance the video, animations such as the "sway" animation are added, giving the video a 3D perspective effect. Images, like a screenshot of a popular TikTok page, are also added with slide-in animations and backgrounds for visual interest.

For the tutorial part of the video, screen recording is used to record the tutorial steps and edit them to match the voiceover. Captions are then added using VED's built-in subtitle feature, and animation effects are added to make them more engaging.

Sound effects are added for large elements, captions, small elements, and large transitions, using flash whoosh, computer keyboard single key, whip whoosh, text readout, and deep low whoosh sounds. The volume of each sound effect is adjusted for a professional-sounding video.

Finally, the final video is exported and shared on social media platforms or YouTube channels.

Creating faceless tutorial videos is a valuable resource for content creators, offering insights into creating captivating intro videos and engaging tutorial content. The niche's unique aspect and profitability make it an attractive opportunity for those looking to monetize their content on YouTube.


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