Saturday, February 24, 2024

What Can Google Gemini Do as a Replacement for Google Assistant?

 Upon installing the Gemini Android app, you'll be prompted to replace Google Assistant with Gemini. This serves as a complete replacement. In other words, when you participate in the app installation and then say "Hey Google" to your phone, hold the power button, swipe in from the bottom corner of the screen, or perform the trigger that would typically launch Assistant, you'll be greeted with Gemini instead. Once you've installed the Gemini app, it functions as your personal AI assistant. You can engage in conversations with it to receive assistance with various everyday tasks:

  • Launch Applications: You can ask Gemini to open any app on your phone, such as WhatsApp, Spotify, or Instagram. Simply say something like "Open WhatsApp" or "Launch Spotify," and Gemini will do it for you.
  • Send Messages: You can also use Gemini to send messages to your contacts via voice or typing. For example, you can say, "Send a message to John" or "Send an SMS to Lisa," and Gemini will inquire about what you want to say.
  • Make Calls: Gemini can also make phone calls through voice or taps. You can say, "Call Mom" or "Call 911," and Gemini will connect you to the appropriate number.
  • Web Search: Gemini can assist you in finding information on the web, such as weather, news, sports, or trivia. You can ask anything you want, like "What's the weather today?" or "Who is leading the Premier League?" and Gemini will show you relevant results from Google.
  • Screen Awareness: Gemini can understand what's on your screen and assist you with relevant actions. Tap "Add This Screen" so Gemini can capture details of your current screen. Then, you can ask it to generate text or answers based on what appears on your screen. For example, if you're reading an article, you can ask Gemini to summarize it or ask questions about the article.
  • Play Games: Gemini can also entertain you with fun games like trivia, hangman, or tic-tac-toe. You can say, "Let's play a game" or "I'm bored," and Gemini will suggest some games for you. You can also challenge Gemini to play rock-paper-scissors or flip a coin.
  • Tell Jokes: Gemini can also make you laugh with some jokes, wordplay, or funny memes. You can say, "Tell me a joke" or "Show a random meme," and Gemini will surprise you with some humorous content.

Gemini is always learning and evolving, so you can expect new features and updates in the future.

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