Saturday, February 24, 2024

Withings Finally Have Cycle Monitoring Feature

 Withings, while initially lagging behind in providing users with the capability to track their menstrual cycles, has made significant strides with the release of ScanWatch Light – its hybrid smartwatch. Users can now not only monitor their cycles directly with ScanWatch Light but also within the Withings app itself. Continue reading for more details.

The ScanWatch Light, a hybrid smartwatch from Withings, empowers users to input cycle data directly from their wrists. Additionally, users can now seamlessly track their menstruation cycles within the Withings app. While other companies have integrated cycle tracking for several years – with Fitbit introducing it in 2018, followed by Apple and Garmin in 2019 – Withings has caught up, acknowledging that it's better to be late than not at all.

Why is it crucial to monitor your cycle from the outset? According to Withings:

"Deviation and changes in periods are quite common. Tracking symptoms, phases, and the duration of your menstrual cycle from month to month can help you understand your unique cycle patterns."

Withings also highlights on the ScanWatch Light product page the importance of comparing cycle tracking with other health metrics for a comprehensive understanding of overall health:

"Monitoring your menstruation is essential because significant changes may be related to other health issues. Comparing menstrual cycle data with other metrics such as heart rate, respiratory rate, or sleep quality can help you identify the relationship between reproductive health and your entire body system."

It's hard to deny that with all this data, you will, at the very least, gain a better understanding of your body by comparing various available metrics.


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