Sunday, April 7, 2024

AMD Reportedly Developing AM5+ Socket: What to Expect?!

AMD appears to be gearing up for the future with reports of a revamped version of its AM5 socket, dubbed the socket AM5+. The discovery comes from the MC Extractor tool, which now includes detection for AM5+ and AMD processors featuring the 00B40Fxx CPUID, as spotted by hardware detective HXL.

The inclusion of AM5+ detection in the MC Extractor tool hints at AMD's ongoing efforts to innovate its processor socket lineup. While details are scarce, speculation suggests that CPUs with the 00B40Fxx identification, possibly codenamed Granite Ridge or Fire Range, could be the first to utilize the AM5+ socket.

As enthusiasts eagerly await details about the AM5+ socket, speculation abounds regarding its potential features and enhancements. While specifics remain unconfirmed, industry observers anticipate upgrades such as different voltages, revised power supply circuitry, enhanced PCIe bifurcation, and support for new interface capabilities like USB4 version 2 and DisplayPort with UHBR20.

Understanding the evolution of CPU sockets is crucial in deciphering the significance of AM5+. While sockets are traditionally identified by pin count, modern iterations often incorporate more pins than utilized. As such, AM5+ could potentially be an extension of the existing AM5 socket, possibly with additional pins enabled for enhanced functionality.

One of AMD's primary goals with AM5+ is to maximize compatibility and affordability for its partners. By leveraging existing AM5 mechanical features, the company aims to streamline production and ensure backward compatibility with AM5 processors. This strategy facilitates a smooth transition to the new platform across various market segments.

While AMD has committed to supporting the AM5 socket through 2025 and beyond, the emergence of AM5+ signals the company's forward-thinking approach to processor architecture. While Zen 5-based processors are expected to utilize the AM5 socket, the introduction of AM5+ in 2026 could mark a new era of innovation and performance for AMD enthusiasts. 


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