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How to Play the Instagram Emoji Game

 In the world of Instagram filled with various features and fun, there's one secret game you might not know about: the emoji game! In this simple yet addictive game, you can challenge yourself to reach the highest score while having fun with your friends. Let's discuss how to play the Instagram emoji game and various tips to master controlling the paddle and scoring points!

How to Play the Instagram Emoji Game

Open a DM with Someone: First, open a direct message with one of your friends on Instagram.

Send an Emoji: Send one emoji to your friend, without adding any text and without using emoji reactions.

Start the Game: After sending the emoji, tap on the emoji, and the game will start immediately!

Control the Paddle: Swipe your finger across the screen to control the paddle at the bottom of the screen. Your goal is to direct the emoji to keep bouncing, scoring one point for each bounce. Note that the game ends if the emoji touches the bottom of the screen.

Tips for Playing the Instagram Emoji Game Better

Use a Comfortable Finger Position: While playing the game, you might find your finger obstructing the bottom of the screen, making it difficult to see clearly where the emoji will hit. The solution is to place your finger anywhere on the screen to control the paddle. You can even flip your phone horizontally and swipe your finger to the opposite side of the paddle to provide a clearer view.

Explore Different Emojis: This game is not just about scoring points but also about the fun of exploration! Try playing the game with various different emojis. Some emojis will even change the course of the game or transform into other emojis. For example, the alien emoji 👽 will randomly teleport around the screen, while the ghost emoji 👻 will disappear and reappear. Also, note that there are specific emojis that will change as your score increases, adding to the excitement of the game!

Share Your High Score: Your highest score will be tracked and displayed in the top right corner of the game. You can boast about it to your friends and challenge them to beat your score. Don't hesitate to take a screenshot and share it on your Instagram feed or story to prove your prowess in playing the emoji game!


The Instagram emoji game is a fun way to spend your leisure time on your favorite social media platform. With its simple yet addictive gameplay, as well as various emojis to explore, this game is suitable for anyone looking for some entertainment on Instagram. So, send an emoji to your friend, start the game, and see how high you can score! Who knows, you might encounter emojis that transform into delightful surprises along your journey!



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