Friday, May 24, 2024

Easy Wins You're Missing in Basic Website Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can feel overwhelming, but there are often simple improvements you might be neglecting. This blog post explores three "easy wins" that can significantly boost your website's ranking.

1. Leverage Alt Image Text

  • What it is: Alt image text is a brief description embedded behind an image. It originally served as an accessibility tool for visually impaired users.
  • Why it matters: Search engines crawl your website's code, including alt image text. Including relevant keywords here helps search engines understand your images and improves your ranking for those keywords.
  • How to do it: Briefly describe the image content and incorporate relevant keywords naturally. For example, if you're a Chicago plumber with an image of a plumber fixing a toilet, your alt text could be "Plumber fixing a toilet in Chicago."

2. Create More Specific Pages

  • The problem: Generic service pages group various services under one roof.
  • The solution: Break down your services into individual pages targeting specific keyword clusters.
  • The benefit:
    • Each page becomes more relevant to specific search terms.
    • You can target a wider range of keywords with dedicated pages.
    • It allows you to build backlinks to these more targeted pages.
  • Example: A plumber can have separate pages for toilet repair, sink repair, septic repair, etc., instead of a single "Plumbing Services" page.

3. Implement Internal Linking

  • What it is: Linking to relevant pages within your website.
  • The benefit:
    • Improves user experience by making navigation easier.
    • Signals to search engines the relationships between your pages and their content.
  • How to do it: Link to relevant pages within your website content. For instance, an e-commerce shoe store could link a blue shoe to its brown counterpart with text like "See this shoe in blue."

Bonus Tip: Optimize Once, Rank Long-Term

Once you've optimized a page for your target keywords, leave it alone! Resist the urge to constantly rework your optimization strategy. Focus on creating high-quality content and letting your optimized pages work their magic.


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