Wednesday, May 22, 2024

MXLinux 23.3 is Released, Unveils Enhanced Stability and New Features

 The wait is over as the MX Linux team proudly announces the general availability of MX Linux 23.3, the third stable update for the latest MX Linux 23 "Libretto" series.

MX Linux, a Debian-based distribution renowned for its user-friendliness and supportive community, offers the "Libretto" series in various desktop editions, including Xfce, KDE Plasma, and Fluxbox. A special Raspberry Pi edition caters to users of these popular mini-computers.

What's New in MX Linux 23.3?

Arriving approximately four months after version 23.2, MX Linux 23.3 is built upon the latest release of the Debian GNU/Linux 12.5 "Bookworm" operating system. This means most packages are updated to the newest versions from the Debian Bookworm repositories, including the long-term supported Linux kernel 6.1 LTS.

For users encountering hardware compatibility issues with the Linux 6.1 LTS kernel, the MX Linux 23.3 AHS (Advanced Hardware Support) edition provides a newer kernel option, Linux kernel 6.8.9. This kernel is offered in the "Liquorix" variant.

Other notable changes in MX Linux 23.3 include:

  • zstd compression option for live-remaster (antiX live system): This helps reduce the size of the ISO file, making it easier to download and distribute.

  • Updated OEM installer mode: Users can now select the system language before commencing the installation process.

  • New MX Locale function: This function allows you to remove all manual packages except for the current default system language.

  • Basic systemd support: The systemd init system can now be used on the live system by default through the boot code init=/lib/systemd/systemd.

  • Enhanced documentation: The MX Linux manual has been updated and split into language-specific packages. Many languages also received translation updates.

MX Linux for Raspberry Pi:

The MX Linux Raspberry Pi edition has not been neglected either. It now includes the latest packages from the MX Linux and Raspberry Pi OS repositories.

How to Get MX Linux 23.3:

New users:

Download MX Linux 23.3 through the release announcement page Xfce, KDE Plasma, and Fluxbox editions are available.

Existing MX Linux 23 users:

Simply update your installation using the command sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade in the Terminal application or through a graphical package manager like Synaptic.

With its stability enhancements, new features, and user-centric approach, MX Linux 23.3 "Libretto" is an excellent choice for those seeking a reliable and user-friendly Linux distribution. Experience the MX Linux difference today!


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