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How to Hide Your Phone Number on Getcontact

Getcontact is a popular tool for identifying unknown phone numbers. It offers advanced features that help users track and identify unknown callers, providing additional convenience and security in daily life. However, did you know you can remain anonymous and hide your phone number on Getcontact? Here’s how to keep your privacy secure while using this app.

Why Getcontact is Popular

Getcontact stands out in the contact identification app market due to its unique features and lack of competition. It is widely downloaded from both Google Play Store and App Store. Its primary function is to help users track unknown numbers that contact them. With Getcontact, you can find tags and names assigned to the number by other users.

If the tracked number is suspicious, the app will notify you with a 'Spam' alert, helping you stay cautious.

Privacy on Getcontact

When using Getcontact, you allow the app to make your number trackable by other users. While useful, there may be times when you prefer to stay anonymous and hide your phone number from the app's database. Fortunately, Getcontact provides a feature to hide your number, keeping your identity safe.

Steps to Hide Your Phone Number on Getcontact

Follow these steps to hide your phone number on Getcontact and maintain your privacy:

  1. Ensure You Have a Getcontact Account

    • Download and register on Getcontact if you haven't already.
  2. Access Getcontact Settings

    • Open your browser and go to the Getcontact settings page through this link: Getcontact Manage.
  3. Open Your Profile Page

    • Log in and navigate to your profile page on the site.
  4. Navigate to 'Visibility Settings'

    • On your profile page, find and open the 'Visibility Settings' menu. This is where you can control who can see your number.
  5. Disable 'Search Visibility'

    • In 'Visibility Settings,' you’ll find the 'Search Visibility' option. Turn this off to hide your number from other users' searches.
  6. Confirm the Setting

    • After disabling 'Search Visibility,' confirm the change by selecting 'Yes.'
  7. Your Phone Number is Hidden

    • Once confirmed, your phone number will be automatically hidden from Getcontact's search database.

Benefits of Hiding Your Number on Getcontact

Hiding your number on Getcontact offers several advantages, especially if you are concerned about online privacy and security:

  • Avoid Spam and Fraud: By hiding your number, you reduce the risk of receiving spam calls or messages.
  • Enhanced Privacy: Keep your identity and personal information safe from unwanted contacts.
  • Greater Control: You have full control over who can view and contact your number.

Additional Privacy Tips

Beyond hiding your number on Getcontact, consider these additional steps to enhance your overall privacy and security:

  • Use an Alias: When creating profiles on any app, use an alias if possible.
  • Check Privacy Settings: Regularly review and adjust privacy settings on all your apps.
  • Avoid Sharing Your Number: Do not share your phone number on untrusted websites or apps.


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