Thursday, October 1, 2015

Now, NGINX Server support JavaScript Configuration

Igor Sysoev, founder and creator of NGINX Web Server is announcing the release of nginScript,a scripting engine that will let developers use JavaScript code to update an NGINX server's runtime configuration.

As you know, NGINX is using Lua-based scripting on their server configuration. And nginScript itself created to enhance the old configuration scheme. Accoring to Igor Sysoev, nginScript can be used for quick fixes, making NGINX configuration more convenient and operations more efficient way.

ngingScript allows developers to filter and manage traffic at runtime

Developers can use nginScript together with a special subset of the JavaScript syntax, just like node.js which they can blend in with their regular configuration files, creating dynamic traffic filters that make the server behave in a havoc way.

Sysoev says that nginScript can be successfully used against abusive traffic, by simplifying the procedures needed to filter, rate-limit, and deny requests.


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