Sunday, February 19, 2023

How to Change Xiaomi Emoji to iPhone Emoji on MIUI 14.6?

Every time we chat or update our status, there will be a row of emojis on the keyboard that we can use, ranging from laughing, crying, frowning, building emojis, food, etc. Emojis are usually used to describe our expressions when chatting or updating our status.

Emoji models differ for each company, such as Apple, Twitter, Facebook, Samsung, each having their own appearance and Apple's emojis are the most popular.

Even the iOS emojis look more elegant, so some Xiaomi users want to change the appearance of their emojis to look like those of the iPhone. This time will share how to change Xiaomi emojis to iPhone emojis of iOS 14.6.

How to Change MIUI Emojis to iOS 14 Using Theme Manager

For Xiaomi smartphone users, there is no need to download additional applications to be able to change the appearance of Xiaomi emojis because the Theme Store already provides fonts that can be used to change the emojis to iPhone emojis.

For those of you who want to try changing Xiaomi emojis to the latest iOS 14.6 emojis without an application, you can see the guide below.

Open the Xiaomi Theme Manager application and then tap on the Font menu.

Search for emojis with the keyword IOS and select the IOS 14.6 font.

Then tap Free, and the font will automatically be downloaded. Wait until the process is complete.

If it's already done, tap Apply, then select Restart, and your Xiaomi will restart.

After Xiaomi turns on again, the emojis on your Android will have changed to those on Apple devices. So, without having to install any applications, we can change emojis on Xiaomi phones to iOS.

How to Change Xiaomi Emojis to iPhone Emojis using zFont

For Xiaomi smartphone users, you can now change the appearance of emojis to the latest iOS 14 emojis. Many new emojis have been added, and they can be used on YouTube, Telegram, Facebook, and Instagram.

The way to do this is also very easy, just use the zFont application from the Play Store, and then you can change the appearance of emojis on Xiaomi to the latest iOS emojis.

Please install the zFont application from the Play Store.

Open the application, then tap on the Emoji tab.

Select iOS 14 or newer, then tap Download.

If the download is complete, please tap Set.

Then select Xiaomi (MIUI) and select Method 3 (Latest).

Next, tap OK to confirm, and then you will be directed to the MIUI Theme Store.

Tap the Profile icon below.

Then select Theme and select (Apply me) IOS_v14.

Finally, please Apply.


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