Monday, January 29, 2024

A year of experience using Quillbot: Pros and Cons

Quillbot has been over a year since we last tried it, so we want to review it again to see how good it is now. In essence, Quillbot is a tool for rewriting content that has various modes, such as changing writing styles, formal, academic, creative, and even a custom mode. This tool also allows us to manually adjust and customize content, giving us the freedom to modify writing styles.

After trying various modes such as fluency, formal, and standard, Quillbot struggled a bit to smoothly pass artificial intelligence detectors. In the end, we tried the creative mode to see if it can retain the original ideas and writing style of the article. However, our attempts using fluency, formal, and standard modes also failed to effectively bypass artificial intelligence detectors.

Quillbot has a manual feature for rewriting content, allowing us to click on words to choose alternative replacements. However, despite having such a cool feature, our testing showed limitations in effectively bypassing artificial intelligence detectors.

In addition to rewriting content, Quillbot also has additional features. We can adjust settings such as synonym intensity, add or subtract content, and choose from various languages. Interestingly, Quillbot also has a grammar checker to help ensure correct language usage.

One of Quillbot's cool features is called Quillbot Flow, which helps us create complete text or paragraph frameworks using generative artificial intelligence. This tool also assists in research by providing relevant information based on our questions. Additionally, Quillbot has a notes section, citation maker, artificial intelligence review, and plagiarism checker, making it comprehensive for content creation and quality improvement.

The improvements made by Quillbot since our last trial make it, in our opinion, a recognized tool for content rewriting and overall writing enhancement. Although the rewriting feature may have limitations, the additional features, especially Quillbot Flow and the comprehensive content improvement tools, make it an attractive choice for those in need of a complete writing solution.



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