Monday, January 29, 2024

How to quickly reach 60 thousand minutes of Facebook Pro impressions?

 Hello, fellow content creators on Facebook Pro who are striving to reach 60,000 watch minutes to start generating income and, of course, receive transfers from Ms. Meta, which is currently gaining popularity. Many showcase their earnings from Ms. Meta, including ads and bonuses. However, it's important to note that for these ads and bonuses, especially the invited ones, we need to be invited by Facebook or Meta.

Don't forget that stars can be earned directly through Reels video uploads, and these can be obtained from the support of friends and the Facebook community who appreciate our work. We support this approach because it shows appreciation for the work we produce, not by asking for stars.

In the context of instream ads, make sure to comply with the applicable requirements in your country of residence and Facebook's content monetization policies. We recommend avoiding the use of many songs or background music in your content, especially those involving copyrights, and ensure your content is as original as possible. Our experience on YouTube taught us to be cautious about this.

To meet the 5,000 follower requirement, remember to build a solid base of Facebook followers. However, achieving 60,000 watch minutes requires extra effort. We suggest creating long-duration videos and regularly uploading them, combining Reels and long-form content. Don't forget to schedule your uploads so they aren't too close together, and avoid excessive use of songs.

Moreover, make sure to share at least five videos before applying for monetization. Remember that patience and consistency in uploading content will expedite reaching the target of 60,000 watch minutes.



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