Sunday, April 14, 2024

AMD Prepares More Next-Gen GPU Driver Support for Linux 6.10

On Saturday, AMD sent a large batch of feature patches for the AMDGPU and AMDKFD graphics driver kernel ahead of the upcoming Linux 6.10 kernel cycle. This new Radeon material pull request for DRM-Next includes support for the SMUIO 14.0.2 IP block as well as fixes/updates to SMU 14.0.1, DCN 3.1.6, GC 11.5, DCN 1.0, and much more. Some of these IP block updates are targeted for RDNA3.5 (a refresh of RDNA3+/RDNA3 or part of RDNA4 to be introduced in the future).

This new round of AMD open-source graphics driver code also includes the enabling of fast updates for DCN 3.1.4 hardware, ACA RAS infrastructure for Instinct hardware, TLB flush fence support, synchronization of page table releases with TLB flushes, SR-IOV fixes, GPU reset fixes, BACO (Bus Active Chip Off) handling cleanups, and a wide variety of other fixes.

For amdgpu:

  • HDCP fixes
  • ODM fixes
  • RAS fixes
  • Devcoredump improvements
  • Miscellaneous code cleanups
  • Expose VCN activity via sysfs
  • SMY 13.0.x updates
  • Enable fast updates on DCN 3.1.4
  • Add reporting for dclk and vclk on additional devices
  • Add ACA RAS infrastructure
  • Implement TLB flush fence
  • EEPROM handling fixes
  • SMUIO 14.0.2 support
  • SMU 14.0.1 updates
  • Synchronize page table releases with TLB flushes
  • DML2 refactoring
  • DC debug improvements
  • SR-IOV fixes
  • Suspend and resume fixes
  • DCN 3.5.x updates
  • Z8 fixes
  • UMSCH fixes
  • GPU reset reprogramming fixes
  • HDP fixes for the second GFX pipe on GC 10.x
  • Enable secondary GFX pipe on GC 10.3
  • Refactor and clean up BACO/BOCO/BAMACO handling
  • VCN partition fixes
  • DC DWB fixes
  • VSC SDP fixes
  • DCN 3.1.6 fixes
  • GC 11.5 fixes
  • Remove invalid TTM resource early checks
  • DCN 1.0 fixes

For amdkfd:

  • MQD handling cleanups
  • Preemption handling fixes for XCD
  • TLB flush fixes for GC 9.4.2
  • Properly clean up work queues during module unloading
  • Fix memory leak processes causing failures
  • Check CP bad operation exception target range to avoid reporting invalid exceptions to user space

For more details on the new AMD open-source graphics driver feature code aimed for Linux 6.10 via this pull request.

That's the news about AMD Preparing More Next-Gen GPU Driver Support for Linux 6.10, hope it's useful.



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