Sunday, April 14, 2024

OpenJPH 0.11 Works Towards Low-Latency JPEG-2000 (HTJ2K)

 The OpenJPH project, providing an open-source implementation of JPEG-2000 Part 15 for High Throughput J2K (HTJ2K) / JPH support, is working to expand its capabilities to handle low-latency High-Throughput JPEG-2000 images and other features.

OpenJPH 0.11 was released on Saturday, providing initial support for Down Factor Sampling (DFS) and partial support for Arbitrary Transform Kernel (ATK) markers. This partial DFS and ATK support aims to facilitate encoding of low-latency HTJ2K images with OpenJPH.

The merge request adding this new feature code explains:

DFS marker segments are supported. ATK marker segments are partially supported. In fact, many ATK options are not. COD, COC, QCD, and QCC markers if modified; I believe COC marker segment support is a new addition. DWT in ojph_solving.cpp has been reimplemented; the new design is modular and symmetric. DWT SIMD has also been reimplemented, adding AVX512 DWT support. There may be some performance regression. Downloads and further details about OpenJPH 0.11 released for High Throughput JPEG-2000 are available via GitHub.



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