Friday, April 19, 2024

LEAKED! Apple New HomePod with a touchscreen on top

 Apple is working on a new HomePod with a touchscreen on top. Now there are new images showing other parts of this HomePod prototype. These images strengthen the rumors about the HomePod with a screen.

In the post, Kosutami showed parts of the unreleased HomePod. This part has a large curved glass that covers almost the entire top of the speaker. This aligns with previous leaked prototypes, which had a curved LCD screen. The current HomePod only has a flat touch surface with a few LED lights to display colors.

Rumors about the HomePod with a screen have been circulating for a long time. Some reports say that Apple is making many prototypes of the HomePod with a screen, including one that resembles the Amazon Echo Show. However, the new one looks less ambitious, with only a screen on the top to display quick information.

Previously, 9to5Mac reported that the HomePod screen could display basic information about the media being played, such as songs on Apple Music or podcasts on Apple Podcasts. This screen could also display some notifications, such as incoming calls or text messages.

There is also code in tvOS 17.4 that reinforces rumors about the HomePod with a larger screen the size of an iPad mini 6. However, Mark Gurman of Bloomberg said that it's unlikely the new HomePod with a screen will be launched in 2024.

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