Friday, April 19, 2024

Adobe Reelased The Adobe Express with Firefly AI on iOS and Android

Adobe has launched its latest application, Adobe Express, equipped with Firefly AI for iOS and Android devices. This application has been available in beta version for a number of users, and can now be downloaded by anyone. Let's take a closer look at all the new features brought by this Adobe Express update.

One of the biggest features of Adobe Express is its integration with Firefly AI, which is Adobe's artificial intelligence. Firefly enables users to easily accomplish various tasks when creating content for social media, whether it's images or videos. Users can use text commands to generate various things according to their desires.

Some of the new features available in this update include:

Video: Start by using specific templates and add video clips, images, and music. Users can also add animations and create real-time text in over 100 languages ​​to their videos.

Text to Image: With Firefly AI, users can quickly generate new images according to their requests.

Generative Fill: Users can insert, remove, or replace objects or people in images using only simple text prompts.

Text Effects: Use generative AI to create captivating titles, copies, and messages with various text styles.

Text to Template: Create unique and fully customizable templates with simple commands for various purposes, such as social media posts, flyers, and posters.

In addition, users will also get access to thousands of video and multi-page templates, over 28,000 fonts from Adobe, as well as hundreds of thousands of videos, music tracks, and design assets from Adobe Stock. Users can also perform various actions quickly, such as editing, resizing, or removing the background of images and videos, as well as creating QR codes or cropping videos with just one click.

This application can be downloaded for free on the App Store for iOS users, but some features will require a subscription costing $10 per month.

With this update, Adobe Express becomes more comprehensive and makes it easier for users to create engaging and high-quality social media content. Hope this information is helpful for you!



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