Friday, April 19, 2024

Meta AI is Released

Meta has unveiled the "smartest" AI assistant in the world, namely Meta AI. They have just launched Llama 3, the latest version of their large language model, which will assist you with everything from finding recipes to reading news, right from the Meta social media platform.

Llama 3 promises to be the best in coding and various other metrics in the world of artificial intelligence. Now, you can easily get information from Google and Bing directly from your private chat or feed on Meta.

Not only that, Meta AI is also capable of generating images instantly based on the words you type. For example, type "curly", and you will see a picture of a curly-haired girl. Coupled with the new feature to create animated GIFs, Meta AI is even more fun to use.

It is worth noting that Meta AI is also expanding to several other countries besides the United States, such as Australia, Canada, and some countries in Africa. Although still limited to English, support for other languages will soon be available.

With deep integration with platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp, Meta AI hopes to gain more recognition in the world of artificial intelligence. However, with this advancement, there are still questions about how many users will actually use this AI service.

So, if you want to try Meta AI, you can start by chatting with the new Meta AI web client.

With that, Meta continues to develop their artificial intelligence technology with hopes of becoming a leader in this industry.

That's the information about the launch of Llama 3 by Meta. Hope it's useful for you!



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