Sunday, May 12, 2024

Statamic 5 Released, One of The Best Laravel-based CMS Out there

Statamic, the acclaimed flat-file CMS, has just released its most anticipated update yet – Statamic 5. This major release focuses on three key pillars: performance, developer experience, and codebase modernization. With this update, Statamic cements its position as a powerful, flexible, and user-friendly platform for building and managing websites of all scales.

Performance That Sets a New Standard

One of the most striking improvements in Statamic 5 is its remarkable performance boost. Large, complex websites can experience speed increases ranging from 50% to a staggering 600%. Even smaller sites will notice a significant 5-10% speed enhancement. This enhanced performance translates to faster loading times, improved SEO, and a smoother user experience.

Effortless Multi-Site Management

Statamic 5 introduces a game-changing feature: multi-site management directly within the control panel. This empowers both technical and non-technical users to effortlessly add, edit, and delete websites, simplifying the management of multiple online properties.

Demystifying Flat-File Queries with Pseudo-SQL

Users of Statamic's flat-file driver, Stache, can now gain insights into the approximate SQL equivalent of their queries. This feature provides a pseudo-SQL panel, displaying the estimated SQL query, which proves invaluable for debugging and optimization using tools like Laravel Debugbar, Telescope, and Ray.

Embracing the Latest Laravel Advancements

Statamic 5 has been meticulously updated to be fully compatible with Laravel 11, leveraging the latest features of this popular PHP framework. This includes seamless integration of Laravel Prompts within the CLI and full support for Reverb, a powerful Laravel package for broadcasting events. However, support for Laravel 9 and PHP 8.0 has been discontinued in this version.

A Plethora of New Features and Enhancements

Beyond the headline features, Statamic 5 introduces a host of other improvements and additions, including:

Laravel 11 Support: Seamless integration with the latest Laravel framework.

Discontinuation of Laravel 9 and PHP 8.0 Support: Focus on supporting the most current technologies.

Control Panel Website Management: Intuitive multi-site management within the Statamic control panel.

Offline License Validation: Enhanced security for approved websites.

Laravel Reverb Support: Leveraging the power of Laravel's event broadcasting system.

Stache Pseudo-SQL Queries: Gaining insights into flat-file queries.

Simplified Add-on Installation: Streamlined installation of third-party add-ons.

Global "Default" Value for Blueprint Fields: Enhanced consistency across forms.

SEO-Friendly Glide URLs: Improved SEO by preserving original filenames in image URLs.

Customizable Glide URL Hashes: Greater control over image URL structures.

Integrated Add-on Testing Suite: Efficiently test and debug add-ons.

Enhanced Antlers Templating: Improved syntax for escaping Antlers tags within parameters.

Temporary File Support for Email Attachments: Flexibility in handling form submissions.

Expanded Query Builder Functionality: New pluck method for more efficient data retrieval.

Revamped Form Submissions: Improved organization and query capabilities.

Filterable Form Submissions List: Easily locate specific form entries.

Enhanced Data Serialization: JSON serialization for entries where appropriate.

Modernized GraphQL Editor: Updated GraphiQL interface for improved user experience.

Flexible Token Storage: Options for storing tokens in databases or other locations.

Licensing and Pricing

Statamic remains open-source and free to use within the limitations of the Solo license. The Pro license is available for $275, offering a comprehensive suite of features for professional users. Detailed information on licensing and pricing can be found on the Statamic pricing page.

Dive Deeper into Statamic 5

To delve further into the exciting new world of Statamic 5, visit the official announcement blog post on You can also explore the open-source release on GitHub.

With its impressive array of new features and enhancements, Statamic 5 is a powerful and intuitive CMS that empowers developers and website owners to efficiently manage content and build stunning websites.


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